LEGO Gives Fans a First Look at its New Star Wars AT-AT 75288


The LEGO Star Wars AT-AT has been one of the best set every time it gets made. This summer will be no exception. The new AT-AT has 1276 parts and 6 minifigures. You have room to hold troops and a Eweb in the cargo and you can put the speeder bike in the back. There is room for both drivers and commander in the cab. All of these swing open very nicely and go back without hurting the overall silhouette.

Now I will go over the minifigures:  Luke Skywalker has new paint tempos head to toe. We get two new AT-AT Drivers with new helmets and tempos on the legs– all of the figures on this are deluxe. General Veers– most notable on him is the paint tempo on the googles. Lastly, two Snowtroopers, again ,much better paint job and gloves that match the movie. Nice touch to whoever over there was paying attention.

Estimated retail is $150.00 and will be released later this year.

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