Toy Wizards Review: Dino Building Blocks STEM Toy by Smartstoy


Toy Wizards would like to thank Smartstoyfor providing us a sample of the Dino Building Blocks toy to review. You can get your own box of 12 dinosaur eggs for hours of building fun for only $19.97 right here on Amazon.

This set was a fun surprise, and I knew that accepting them for review would be a very interesting experiment. The suggested age for these Dinosaur bricks in little surprise eggs is 6+ and I was curious to see if they would capture the attention of my children.

The long and short answer? Kinda.

Now me, personally? I’m not a very skilled LEGO/bricks builder. To my surprise, I put the first little guy together in about 10 minutes. The second dinosaur I selected? Not as much luck– I’m very convinced the instructions were faulty. And then, he crumbled in my hands.

Having experienced a 50% success/failure rate, I handed these toys over to their intended audience– children. And again, we experienced mixed results.

My daughter was really excited to just touch the bricks and play with them, telling me little stories as she creatively fit pieces together. My son, on the other hand, wanted to learn how to put the dinosaurs together correctly, but just couldn’t grasp the notion of following the pictured directions on the little instructions paper.

Non-dramatic reenactment of every other kid but mine

I thought it was an interesting choice for Smartstoy to put these little dinosaur blocks in eggs. I mean, yes, it makes sense because hi, dinosaurs hatch out of eggs. But this is 2020, my friends, and unfortunately, kids today exist in Surprise Egg culture. So, what does that mean? It means, as I described in my manifesto of why I hate slime as a toy, that with your traditional Surprise Egg toy, destruction is the object of the game. That rolled over into these dinosaur brick eggs for my kids. They were so eager to first open the egg, open the package, and scatter the bricks all over the place. Then after that, they made a mild effort to play with the bricks, but the engagement didn’t last long. I can see a kid in the 8-10 year old range that loves LEGOS having fun messing around with these. The construction of them is fine. But for my little ones, they just weren’t a hit.

I give the Dino Building Blocks STEM Toy by Smartstoy 3/5 tyrannosaurus arms.


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