Bandai Shows Off 2 New ‘Sailor Moon Eternal’ Crane Game Prizes (that we can’t have)


Oh, toy collecting– what a cruel, cruel mistress you can be sometimes.

Freshly announced from the Official Sailor Moon website in Japan  are two new toys coming to crane games near none of us. These two little toys are Japanese exclusives for Bandai game machines. How this first one will even fit in one of those machines is beyond me. I can already imagine a collector trying to win one, standing behind a clumsy little kid playing the crane machine, the claw smashing and scratching up the box. Or maybe because it’s Japan, the boxed item will be pristinely wrapped and not scatchable. Who knows!

Movie version “Sailor Moon Eternal” GLITTER & GLAMOURS -SUPER SAILOR MOON-

This gorgeous Super Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon Eternal figure (two of them technically because there is a paint variant, A is regular and B is pastel) will be in crane machines come September 11th, 2020. She’s a big figure, standing 23 cm (9 inches), though I don’t think she is articulated. There are no specifics on how much she will cost. She’s a Banpresto, which typically means a little bit on the budget side, so she could cost somewhere between $12-$20 if she came stateside. Which she won’t.


Movie version “Sailor Moon Eternal” Q posket -SUPER SAILOR MERCURY-

Sailor Mercury, as depicted in Sailor Moon Eternal, joins the Q Posket toy line. She is much smaller than the above Sailor Moon, standing 13 cm (5 inches) and also has a color variant. A is described as Regular colors and B is Pastel, the same as Sailor Moon. This is an adorable little toy, and will also be in Japanese crane games come September 11th 2020. I think the official Japanese description makes sure to point out her “warrior pose”. I always found Mercury’s transformation end-pose a little silly. What about you?


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