LEGO Brings Back the Clones The 501st Legion™ Clone Troopers Set


LEGO likes to give you what you want, then take it back and wait ten years to give it to you again. That’s just about what they did here. The most wanted Clone Troopers are the 501st in phase two armor. The 501st is Anakin Skywalker’s person legion of clone troopers commanded by Captain Rex during the Clone Wars. This new set gives us four LEGO minifigures,AT-RT, and a BARC Speeder Bike with two Battle Droids. The minifigure ratio to price is amazing on this set and very unlike LEGO. They like to give you one figure to about $5.00 on most sets or less.

Here we get Four Clone Troopers and one has a jet pack and two easily defeated Battle Droids. Total this set has 285 parts and a retail of $29.99 this will be a great set for collectors and fans alike.

Set number 75280

Parts 285

Minifigures 6

Release Date August 1 2020

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