Toy Wizards Review – NewAge H13T Lucifer Ghost Version


The world is coming to an end.

Though, there may be signs of hope. Factories in China have basically been shut down from the start of 2020. Our global pandemic has effected everything in our daily lives on every scale you can imagine. So, when I saw NewAge toys post their usual new product packaged image with an entire case assortment of H13T Ghost Lucifer to their official Facebook page, it was more than just a preview of new toys coming our way. It was confirmation that small factories in China were getting back to work. Right now in a world where it is imperative that we socially distance from each other and stay indoors, it’s nice to have some small semblance of normality like a small new toy being shipped to your doorstep. We’ll forgive the irony that this first new product since very early 2020 is a ghost version of a popular character…

Today we’re looking at NewAge H13T Air Commander Lucifer, who you may know as Generation 1 Ghost Starscream!

You can order yours for $62.99 today from BigBadToyStore.



Amazing work by NewAge as always. While each seeker shares the same basic body standing at about 10cm, the company has sculpted individual head sculpts for every release to ensure that the character shines in each of these tiny jet bots. With this translucent offering the sculpt is the same as the normal animation colors release of Lucifer complete with wry smirk as he schemes even from beyond the grave.




There is almost no paint on this release. What there is of it is very clean. The red and white lines that accent the wings, as well as the red on the tail fins. The robot’s eyes are painted a crimson metallic red. This is all just here to enhance ever so slightly the finished piece, rather than it being completely clear plastics and losing detail.


We’ve come to expect a lot from our collectible toys today in terms of articulation. Even at this tiny scale. NewAge has always loaded their releases up with great, useful, standard articulation for dynamic posing and playability. The seeker mold has ball jointed neck, ball shoulders, swivel bicep, ball elbows, swivel wrists, waist swivel, ball hips, thigh swivels, single knee hinge, ankle pivots, and separate toe pivot. The joints are also nice and stiff, making posing and securely standing easily accomplished.


Part of the draw for this release was the inclusion of an all new crowned head sculpt along with cape and shoulder armor. The coronation gear to add to your animation colors Lucifer as he declares himself the new leader of the Decepticon forces. Of course, that’s what lead to him becoming a ghost in the first place. What is not included in this release is the Space Bridge base display stand that every seeker mold has come with to date. Sacrificed for the packaging space it takes to include the new accessories.


Alternate Mode

A wonderful stylized F-15 with fold out landing gear. NewAge has been masterful in their ability to create incredible looking alternate modes couples with screen accurate robot modes. The seeker jets are no exception, as very little compromises were made to the F-15 in order to achieve this goal.



Like I usually tell our readers, the true value in a toy like this lies in what you are most looking for in your collection and how much joy a single item may give you other than the amount of plastic you purchased. Yes, these are small and yes they are expensive. A variant like this is usually very skippable. I think NewAge knows that as well and that was a factor in them deciding to put the coronation gear accessory set into this release. With shipping costs rising in Asia due to the global pandemic we are also seeing prices on toys being exported from those countries. I have one more seeker repaint currently shipping, but after that I am satisfied. I would rather put the money towards new toys, and admittedly their inevitable repaints, than to get more colors of this particular mold.


4/5 Wizard’s Stars

Obviously at this point, I would have to love this mold to be eight deep in seekers from NewAge. It’s a beautiful masterpiece level sculpt in a very small package, but I’m ready to move on from it. NA has covered all the main six from the animation, plus some Welcoming Committee and Rainmaker variants, plus some eHobby exclusive homages. I’m tapping out. The next two releases from the company are their Soundwave with cassette minions, and their Reflector. Outside of Shockwave and the Constructicons that covers the entire first season cast of Decepticons. I’m more than ready to see this company jump head first back into Autobot cars and finish the first season’s Autobots.

Enjoy the full gallery for Ghost Lucifer below!



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