First Look: Takara Generation Select Super Megatron


What is Super Megatron? He is from the Japanese manga you have probably never read. From it, we have yet another version of Megatron where he is a jacked space jet with a even more giant cannon. Not only that, it gives him this crazy retro 80s vibe with giant shoulder wings and bits everywhere. I am not normally a Megatron buyer, but they have me on this version. I need him in my life I won’t be complete without him. Right now it is a Japan-only item, but I am sure we will get some through importers. Heck, maybe even Hasbro Pulse if they are smart or reading this right now. Note this is a reused Galvaton base for the figure.


“GENERATION SELECTS” is a “special series” that develops characters that were not commercialized in the normal GENERATION series as “new” and “only for online sales”!

Super Megatron was an untoy character at the time when it appeared in “Fight! Super Robot Life Transformers: The Battle Stars” (Original: Masumi Kaneda Character Design: Magaban), which was serialized in TV Magazine in 1991. .
The Super Megatron is the long-awaited redesign and first toy from the Generation Select series!
Appeared as a full action figure that can be completely transformed from Super Jet with SF motif to robot mode!
The confrontation play can be reproduced as a star convoy rival.

Takara Tomy mall JAPAN only

Retail – 6600 yen

Release Date – September 2020

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