MAKUNI Machine God Brave King Gaogaigar FINAL Genesic Gaogaigar


Gaogaigar or GGG for short is a long loved anime series of the 90s and this is the final form of about 20 GGG mechs. This is the big guy ready to win the last battle. This guy looks impressive and if you’re not familiar with the King of the Braves saga or GGG its time to watch some anime. This is a new line of toys by Sentinel called Amakuni Kijin and its first toy is a Hobby Japan Exclusive. Sentinel is well know for it very detailed and true to form mecha. This new line will be impressive to say the least. You will need to have your normal import service ready to get this guy or pay a lot more later on the eBay market. At Retail this monster will be over $400.00

It is the strongest destruction god It is the ultimate form of courage The great legacy we have arrived at.
Its name is King of Braves Genesic Gaogaigar!
A new robot figure brand “AMAKUNI Kijin” is launched from the hobby Japan figure brand “AMAKUNI”! The first one will be Genesic Gaogaigar from “The King of Braves Gaogaigar FINAL”!
A powerful silhouette woven by powerful modeling, a movable gimmick with extremely high action realized by dare to omit the deformation coalescing mechanism, a paint expression to enhance the heavyness. And the die-cast parts used in various parts of the joints of the whole body realize the stability of movement and realize the solid feeling that it was smooth. It is exactly the “ultimate” modeling item that sticks out every part.
Let’s fuse with the strongest Genesic Gaogaigar ever given by AMAKUNI!

Product name: AMAKUNI Machine God Brave King Gaogaigar FINAL Genesic Gaogaigar
Title of work: The King of Braves Gaogaigar FINAL
brand: AMAKUNI Machine God
Genre: Action figure
Release: Scheduled to ship from December 2020 to January 2021
size: Head height: about 240mm
accessories: Hell and Heaven wrists (2 types), pedestal
Product material: Diecast, ABS, PVC, PA, POM
Prototype / Material: T-REX (prototype cooperation: Keiji Iwakura, product design: Toshihisa Miyauchi, modeling produce: AMAKUNI)
Finisher: Hashikawa Yoji (Sentinel)
Sales method:
Hobby Japan online shop limited product
sales page: AMAKUNI machine God Jeneshikku Gaogaigar
orders period: May 28, 2020 March 25 to 2020
Price: 45,273 yen (excluding tax) shipping and handling by
purchase limit: two per mail order / 1 order Until

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