Max Factory Model Dougram Saltic H102 Bushman


“What is a Dougram?”

This might have been your question as you clicked on this. Dougram Sun of the Fang was an anime series in the great Japanese 80s era of mecha cartoon shows. You may have saw Dougram toys and model kits in the 80s under the Revel brand Robotech. That was pre Harmony Gold buying the name from them. Interestingly enough, this show was very political with a day by day storyline. Each episode was one day in continuity. This is really interesting if you ever take to the time to one find it and then watch it all. However it stays with collectors and Anime heads all this time and Max Factory has been doing new 1/72 scale kits for some time, and we get another new Bushman model later this year.

Vintage Revel Robotech Defenders Model kits “Dougram”

H102 Bushman Reinforced Zack wearing type

The 5th CB Armor Variation, a Bushman with enhanced Zack equipped! !

The fifth combat armor variation, which was developed with illustrations by mechanic designer Kunio Okawara of “Sun Fang Dougram”, is the “Soltic H102 Bushman Enhanced Zack-equipped type” which has enhanced behavioral performance with auxiliary rockets.

  • Snap-fit ​​model that does not use adhesive. (There are some adhesive parts)
  • Using a poly cap for each joint, you can freely pose.
  • Zack parts strengthened by new mold.
  • The auxiliary rocket below the reinforced Zach is movable.
  • Federal sidecars are included as bonus parts.
  • Light gray parts such as thighs are made in silver color limited to this kit.
  • The cockpit canopy is painted in clear brown with an orange frame.
  • Can be assembled with the regular version of “Soltic H102 Bushman”.
  • Water transfer decals are used to reproduce various markings.
  • Kit design coordination & supervision by mechanic designer Takahiro Mada.
Manufacturer- Max Factory
Retail price – 5,800 yen + tax
Release Date – September 2020

Buy it at HLJ HERE!

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