Medicom Reveals MAFEX Hush Batman Black Version


Medicom’s MAFEX line really gives you what you want from an action figure. I personally think the bodies are superior to S.H. Figurarts but not as good as 1000toys. The detail in the Hush version is great it is everything you want in a Batman. It is very possible comes with multiple hands and batarangs and a very nice base for batman to be brooding over.

The Jim Lee Hush batman is the neo classic Batman design. As much as Neal Adams Batman is the 70-80s Batman. Hush to me is the Batman man of the 2000s. The wire cape bits scream “POSE ME!” so much that I can’t ever see it ever lasting in one pose over a week.

Medicom’s MAFEX Batman Hush costs $94.99, will ship January 2021, and is available for preorder now. 


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