Sentinel Announces Plaiobot Model Kit Gurren Lagann


Sentinel has reworked their Robot toy version Gurren Lagann into a Model kit with some help from Flame Toys. If you don’t know about the Anime Gurren Lagann we can stop being friends now. It is a crazy mecha anime of galactic proportions to say the least. The mecha in it are all fantastic and over the top. This is the main Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann– that’s a mouth full but don’t worry, they yell it out every episode. If you are a model builder or just a Mecha fan I am sure you will love this Kit.


“Pierce the Heavens, Gurren Lagann
Sentinel original [RIOBOT Gurren Lagann] from the anime [Gurren Lagann] has been remodeled as a prefabricated plastic kit with the same form.
In addition to the 5 molded colors, the head and chest are also painted, so just assemble them and you’ll have a Gurren Lagann in your hands!
A variety of optional parts such as Glen Wing, 3 types of drills, Glen Boomerang, etc. can reproduce famous scenes in the play.Set contents (when completed): Body, drill (3 types), Glen boomerang (2), Glen wing, weapon handle (left and right), open hand (left and right), fist (left and right), finger stand parts (left and right) , Shouting face (unpainted), seal

Design: T-REX
Original model production: Yoichi Sakamoto (FLAME TOYS)

The total number of runners for Plaiobot Gurren Lagann is 23.

Manufacture – Sentinel

Release Date – July 2020

Retail – 4500 yen about $40.00


Product name: Plaiobot Gurren Lagann Gurren Lagann
Title of work: Gurren Lagann
brand: Plaiobot
Genre: Plastic model kit, action figure
price: 4,500 yen (excluding tax)
Release: Scheduled to be released in July 2020
size: Height: about 150mm
accessories: Completion: Body, drill (3 types), Glen Boomerang (2), Glen Wing, weapon handle (left and right), open hand (left and right), fist (left and right), finger part (left and right), shouting face (not yet) Paint), seal
Product material: ABS, PS
Prototype / Material: T-REX
Finisher: Hashikawa Yoji (Sentinel)
blog: Plaiobot Glen Lagann Test Shot Sample Review!
Original model production: Yoichi Sakamoto (FLAME TOYS)
Copyright notice: © GAINAX / Kazuki Nakajima / Aniplex / KONAMI / TV Tokyo / Dentsu

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