Diamond Select Toys Reveals ‘Avatar State’ Walgreens Exclusive Aang Figure


I’m going to take a quick moment to go on an old person tangent– I can’t stand the method in which Diamond Select Toys chooses to announce new and upcoming toys on its Instagram account. Whereas other toy brands like Hot Toys, NECA, and Super7 take the time to write the stats, specifics, and release information of its upcoming toys, Diamond Select Toys falls into the same sort of blase/lackadaisical descriptions as the way Storm Collectibles sometimes does. Looking at the figure is great, but we wants specs to share with you– toys this nice deserve announcements!

According to Diamond Select’s Instagram, this Avatar State Aang figure from Avatar: The Last Airbender is available now as a Walgreen’s Exclusive. As with many of Diamond’s Walgreens’ figures, I haven’t seen it on the shelves. Wave One of the Avatar figures were announced early 2019, but somehow this awesome Avatar Aang figure slipped past my radar.

Diamond also (very casually) replied to a fan’s question about when we would see Azula and Ozai on shelves. According to this Instagram response, Azula will be a Walgreens Exclusive, appearing Summer 2020, and Ozai would be available “sometime in Fall 2020, but we don’t have the date”. Why Diamond Select doesn’t think this is amazing enough news to share in an announcement picture is beyond me, but if they don’t think that’s how their audience works, there’s nothing I can do to change that.

Diamond Select Toys’ Avatar figures run in the $16.99-$19.99 range and are about 6-7 inches on average.


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