Toys Explained: What’s going on with the NECA x Loot Crate TMNT subscription box?


There’s a funny thing going on in the toy world right now, and it’s regarding a seemingly new exclusive Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles figure from NECA and Loot Crate in a newly announced subscription box. Fans are confused (and so were we, really), so let’s break down what’s happening with this toy and how you can get one.

According to the rules of purchase, if you buy all three up front you get a fourth figure as a bonus . On top of that if you buy all three at once with the bonus, you can get the Spirit of Splinter for an extra $81.60. However, you had to chose that Option 3 early when it was announced and they have already sold out or stopped the add on.

Confused yet? So, where are we?

The NECA TMNT Movie 30th Anniversary Crate with Spirit of Splinter is sold out again and over $100 on eBay. The sets are now only two options . Option 1: Order three crates, pay for one now and subscribe to the other each is $54.99 with Shipping. That gives you 3 exclusive figures and loot boxes. Or Option 2 where you prepay for all three at once $164.85 and you get the three boxes and a bonus figure for a total of four exclusive NECA TMNT figures, and that is the deal there. Since one figure its selling for over a $100 after market already, the mystery bonus figure will be crazy stupid. The crates are scheduled for shipping the first with Mirage Comics Shredder in June. September for the arcade figure crate. Finally, November for Animation version Rocksteady and bonus figure bunny suit Bebop. 


Option 1 Paying for 1 crate sets up a subscription for the next 2 boxes. Pay when the next 2 ship. No bonus item Total three figure $54 now and two more payments of $54

Option 2 Pre-paying for the 3 new crates gets you Bebop in a Bunny Suit as a bonus item.

Total four figures $165 now.

Option 3 Sold out Pre-paying for the 3 new crates gets you Bebop in a Bunny Suit as a bonus item. Spirit of Splinter available as an option add on with pre-paying for 3 new crates Total 5 figures $260 now

Want to jump in Order at Loot Crate Here!

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