Nintendo Teases Mario x LEGO Collaboration


With the simple words Something fun is being built! Stay tuned…from Nintendo’s official Instagram account, fans know that they are in for an exciting treat.

LEGO and Nintendo are teaming up to bring fans official Super Mario LEGO kits. This seems like an intuitive collaboration that would have crushed it years ago, but today is better than never. Well…today will be better than never if that current pain in the ass virus doesn’t delay toy product in China any longer than it has, but if that’s the case, there’s still a Nintendo x LEGO playset that can save us all.

I want a new drug.

Damn right– Dr. Mario to the rescue.

So, what Mario x LEGO building sets do you hope come out first? I think Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser’s Castle, and a Classic Super Mario Bros. 8-Bit set would have to be the first on the list. I’d personally adore a Super Mario World kit of some flavor. Oh! Or a Koopa-Kids/Koopalings platset. I’ve always felt like Iggy was a heavy metal kind of dude.

Toy Wizards will let readers know when more information is available. Until then, keep your eyes on Nintendo for more MAR10 (get it, March 10th is Mario Day, so LEET 1337 pwn.)


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