Toy Wizards Review: New Sectaurs Action Figures by Zica Toys


You can pick up these amazing figures directly from Zica Toys for about $24 each. Don’t miss your opportunity to own a piece of this 80s masterpiece toy line revival!

1985-1986: Coleco Creates Sectaurs, And A New Toy Line and Cartoon are Born

To do this franchise justice we need to cover some history first. Sectaurs is a 1985 toys line and TV show, for whom Coleco originally held the license. It was a future fantasy world where a genetic accident went crazy, transforming the world into a “Light versus Dark” storyline with an insect gimmick. The TV series had a incredible cast, filled with big-shot 80s voice actors. There was Dan Gilvezan as Dargon, Arthur Burghardt as Spidrax, Peter Cullen as Mantor, Laurie Faso as Zak, Peter Renaday as Pinsor, Neil Ross as Waspax, Frank Welker as Skulk, BJ Ward as Stellara, and so many more.

The original toys were large and had giant insects that fit like gloves to make these creepy hand movements into the legs. It had great promise, but the market was very filled with so many thriving toys lines and with Coleco was new to the game, they couldn’t survive a saturated market. In my opinion, the stand out piece in the toy line was The Hive, which can be easily compared to the Sectaurs version of Snake Mountain.


2018-2020: Zica Toys Gets The Sectaurs License and Crowdfunds For New Action Figures

On January 28th 2018, Zica Toys launched its Kickstarter for new Sectaurs actions figures with a projected release date of January 2019. This got pushed back to early 2020 due to many factors we will just call “making anything in China” and leave it at that. They fought hard and long to get these amazing action figures in our hands and I can proudly say that I finally have them– those figures are well worth the wait. The original Kickstarter was for four figures and that was expanded to six figures with two being troop builders for both sides. The figures that are made are the two main characters Dargon and General Spidrax with two more main Good Guys Zak and Mantor and added in Troop Builders Royal Guard and Skull Soldiers.

So, Let’s Reviews These New Sectaurs, Shall We?

We opened the General Spidrax figure for a review. The Figure comes with a lot of extra hands and multiple weapons. They are in the 1/18 scale or 4 inch G.I. Joe style scale. The paint apps are superb beyond expectations on all accounts. Figure articulation is high and at the level of this scale figures double elbows and knees. There is a note on it to use a hairdryer to loosen in the joins, but mine were fine out of the gate. I spent some time comparing the Vintage Spidrax  to the new version by Zica Toys and truthfully, it has surpassed the vintage toy. The paint apps and articulation just push it over the edge.

The smaller scale of the new toy compared to the 6 inch versions fit right in to today’s collections and leave room to still use any of the older insects or even the mighty Hive if you can get your hands on one.  I really love the figures– the card art is great and really, this is all around this is top notch. There is a lot of love into this project; thank you Zica for pulling a rabbit out of your hat.

Remember: You can pick up these amazing figures directly from Zica Toys for about $24 each. 


And if you thought that was the end of it for the awesome Sectaurs, you were wrong! In addition to the new toy line, we have a sneak peak of the new Legacy of the Sectaurs comic series illustrated by JC Fabul Cover by Jack Lawrence.


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