Toy Wizards Review: NECA They Live Alien 2-Pack


“It looks like you dipped your face in the cheese dip back in 1957”.

When it comes to cult classic movies, the conversation has to include John Carpenter’s cult classic They Live. Carpenter has always been one of my favorite directors, and They Live is up there next to Big Trouble in Little China and Prince of Darkness for all-time favorite John Carpenter movies, so it was super cool getting my hands on this They Live Alien 2-pack from NECA.

Quick aside, NECA, if you’re reading this review this toy collector would also gladly and eagerly buy a Jack Burton Ultimate figure; seeing how the Sideshow Collectibles version of Jack is no longer in stock. I’ve paid my dues and the check is in the mail. Just putting it out there.

When it comes to cloth on action figures and toys, I’m kind of the fence. There are definitely some examples where the inclusion of cloth just doesn’t work for me. Tying into the subject matter of this review, the 8″ clothed John Nada figure that NECA revealed at NYTF doesn’t fully do it for me (that may be another review for another day). However, with “Ozzie and Harriet” as it were here, I feel the cloth fabric works well enough for what we’re getting, and adds to the off-putting vibe we would expect from an alien race disguising themselves among us, rather than detract from the figures appearance. It’s not perfect, but it works for me.

What is perfect is the absolute gorgeous head sculpt (as gorgeous as cheese dip faces can be) with incredible detail throughout, making it feel as if the characters have stepped out of Carpenter’s movie and have infiltrated Earth and our toy shelves alike. The coloration in the face, the hair and the blank, soulless eyes evoke the feeling of needing to find some special sunglasses of my own and giving my neighbors a sideways glance to make sure they’re exactly who they seem to be.

NECA always nails it with the inclusion of fun accessories related to the franchise they’re paying homage to, and the added touch of the TV with the propaganda broadcast playing in the background as well as the stark white newspaper and magazine with the commands of “Obey” and “Buy” hits the proper nails of the They Live aesthetic.

My only major gripe is the posability especially for the female alien. Taking them out of their packaging for some toy photography, I found getting them to stand to be a challenge at times, especially due to the female aliens heels causing her to be off balance and when I bent her arm to simulate talking into her wristwatch, her elbow popped out seemingly because of a loose ball joint. Maybe this won’t be the case with yours, but it was with mine. Thankfully, it’s an easy fix and I’ll be displaying them in their packaging from now on.

You don’t need subliminal messaging from me or NECA telling you to go and buy your own They Live Alien 2-Pack, I’ll just come straight out and tell you that whether you’re a fan of John Carpenter movies, 80’s cult films, NECA or badass toys, or even all of the above, the They Live Alien 2-Pack is worth adding to your collection and is currently marked down by nine dollars from $73.99 to $64.99 and is available to order at right now.

I give NECA’s They Live Alien 2-Pack 4/5 Wizard stars.

Product Features
  • 8 inches (20.32cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Based on the 1988 John Carpenter Classic Film
  • First time ever in action figure form
  • Window Box Packaging
  • Cloth clothing

Box Contents

  • Female alien figure
  • Male alien figure
  • 2 Wristwatches
  • Television
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Necklace


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