Toy Wizards Review: Boss Fight Studio Sent Me the Unicorn of My Dreams


By Jonathan Alexandratos

I forget when, exactly, I backed the Kickstarter.  It was a while ago.  A couple of years, at least.  But the idea seemed worth it, and the company, Boss Fight Studio, was one I liked ever since I bought my Spartan Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. figure from them.  I was actually never frustrated by the delay.  Boss Fight Studio was in regular correspondence with backers, and they always provided us with photographic evidence that Things Were In Motion.  In fact, it was kind of cool to see our toys getting built.  At one point, it seemed like product was imminent, but quality control issues made Boss Fight Studio scrap what they had in order to try again.  There was so much build-up.  Did it pay off?  Well, you tell me:

Meet Frankie, the Boss Fight Studio Mighty Steed!  My gay unicorn (which, trust me, my pansexual self is thrilled)!  Honestly, I love it.  The detail is so rich.  Look at the veins!  Look at the musculature!  Look at the purple tint where the mane and neck emerge from the body!  Boss Fight Studio knocked it out of the ballpark with these Steeds.

Ignore the backdrop of the Enterprise, a Capsule Chix, a Fortnite thing, cold medicine, and possibly my tax documents.  Wow do I know what to do with a kitchen table or what?

Each one costs $40 (once you add in shipping), but is well worth it.  In addition to the sculpt and paint apps, there are more points of articulation than I can count, and the joints are tight.  The mane and tail can be removed in order to customize the horse further with elements of other Vitruvian equines.  You’re buying all the best of Breyer at its height with the articulation and heft of a true collectible.  I don’t know that anyone has done better in the 3.75-inch scale.

In addition to getting a solid hunk of horse, you also get the satisfaction of supporting an indie toy company that’ll put your dollars toward more innovation.  Currently, you can buy an array of equine beauties and tack kits to soup up your steeds.  If all this sounds like your bag, click here to browse the Boss Fight Studios Mighty Steeds collection yourself!


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