Hasbro Reveals Newest Preschool Aged Mighty Morphin’ Megazord Toy For Fans To Hate


“Y’all need to chill out.”

“This is a kid’s toy, don’t have opinions.”

“You’re an XYZ if you care that toys don’t look like garbage.”

Get the hell out of here– by writing off other people’s opinions and passions because you’ve preemptively decided that a thing is for a singular demographic, you’re walling the conversation and shaming those that care. If you don’t want to be part of the Toy Talk, close your face, buy the toy for the kid in your life, and laugh at everyone from the comfort of your own dungeon. The rest of us care about quality.

Because kids toys don’t have a history of looking like garbage.

So, with that, Hasbro revealed new pictures of its Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Megazord for ages 4+. And upon its unveiling, all I can think is “What the hell is WRONG with it?!”

This toy looks incomplete. It looks like Hasbro gave up part way through. This isn’t acceptable quality from them because when it comes to their preschool line and other aged-down legitimate children’s toys, we know they’re capable of higher quality. So, this toy above is 10 inches of plastic pleasure. I don’t have a cost for it yet, but I know I already don’t like it. And this isn’t coming from a whining fan girl perspective– I’m a mom! I have two kids and I don’t think they’d want this Megazord. Think about it too– what did your vintage 90s Megazord look like from Bandai? Yeah, it looked freakin’ awesome.

Kids’ toy

Personally, I thought that the new Playskool Mighty Morphin’ Megazord unveiled by Hasbro was great. I also geeked out really hard when I saw the $60 Wild Force playset Megazord, the one that was done in the style of Mattel’s Imaginext line.

Adorable! I love this toy! MSRP $14.99
Incredible! Even at $60 I fell in love with this!
And who doesn’t love the original Imaginext Megazord? This was worth $60!

If you have some sort of shallow argument that kid’s toys are supposed to preemptively look like garbage because they are disposable, it’s petty and contrarian. Express whatever you want, because clearly you enjoy the smug satisfaction of being correct and squashing discussions, but you’re not correct. Because check this out too– back in 2018, I bought my daughter a Voltron from Playmates for $11. The below figure is that exact toy and it’s more beautiful than any Hasbro Megazord.

Fully articulated, stunning colors and paint, thick chunky plastic, and sturdy enough to withstand childhood madness. Like, I tried to steal it from her, I’m not kidding.

So okay, fine. The newly revealed MMPR Megazord “isn’t for us.” It’s a “kid’s toy”. It is something that fans of a 27 year old franchise with hoards of collectors of said products from said show “aren’t allowed to have an opinion about.” Great. But when history shows that children are more than entitled to have opinions, or kids get annoyed or confused when their toy has the wrong hat color, wrong details, or is missing an accessory, don’t come crying to me when your kids complain that its Mighty Morphin’ Megazord is missing its pants. Or leg details. Or…whatever.


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  1. I’m not justifying its look on the demographic, I’m justifying it on the fact that this is probably <$10. The figure looks fine and I like the pose, it's just missing a bunch of paint. I'd rather take the time to paint this than have that inaccurate looking brick you posted from the '90s.

    And kids toys don't have a history of looking like garbage? WHAT? Have you ever been in toy aisle at a Dollar Tree?

  2. It reminds me of the Transformers Titans, which are even worse. Whoever designs Hasbro’s “big and cheap” figures isn’t good with robots.

    • Er. “Titans” the 12″ limited-articulation figures of course, not to be confused with “Titan class” the 18″-to-24″ size class in Generations, or with “Titan Masters” the 1″ guys who turn into heads.

  3. Look up the Super Ninja Steel Mega Morph Cycle. That looks considerably worse, just like the cycle figures Bandai put out every year. If you were familiar with the toyline and weren’t just writing this because you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for a story, you would know this is nothing out of the ordinary, maybe even a step up.

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