Hasbro Shows Off First Look of Power Rangers Zeo Megazord at Melbourne Toy Fair


Hasbro, the license holders of the beloved Power Rangers franchise since mid-2018 has wowed the world with the Power Rangers Lightning Collection series of action figures. Wave after wave, exclusive double pack after the next, and GameStop/Walgreens exclusive figures, they are pumping the plastic out at a damn good pace. And I think it’s fair to say that for the most part, these new figures have been well-received by fans. Hasbro is starting to try their hands at prop-replicas, and have already announced the Green Ranger Dragon Dagger will be added to the roster in Summer 2020.

When I went to San Diego Comic Con in 2019, I had an interview with toy designer Vanessa Fung that worked specifically with the Power Rangers franchise. I playfully said “Fans want to know, where are the Megazords?” Because for me as a Megazord collector, these are the toys I’m waiting for. Her response was something along the lines of “We hear you loud and clear, they are on a checklist, and there will be Megazords coming.”

And so, we played the waiting game.

Official news of the Power Rangers Beast Morphers Megazord was revealed via press release. And for me personally (remember kids, my opinions will differ from yours), I saw this hunk of primary colored plastic and had no overwhelming desire to add it to my collection.

Let’s keep this going. We have more to cover.

Toy Fair 2020 just came and went, and in a surprise reveal, Hasbro showed off the first look at the Mighty Morphin Megazord. For purists, you will be happy to know that yes, the pieces come apart and you can transform the toy from Zords to Megazord. The catch is that each of these pieces costs $14.99 and you need to collect all five in order to build your Megazord. Thus, that’s a $75 Megazord.

This thing is cool looking, but it’s not $75 cool looking to me.

All right, let’s fast forward to the present. And you know I’m old because I said fast forward instead of ‘scrub’ or whatever. During the week of Toy Fair, a (presumably) leaked sheet of Hasbro UPC codes graced the internet. Among the items on the list was an item that said “Zeo Megazord, $89.99. At this point in time, I can only assume this listing is in US Dollars and not Canadian or Australian, but I’m not liking what I’m seeing.

Yup…really hoping these are Canadian Dollar prices. Insert puking emoji face because these are expensive.

And then alas, as revealed first by TokuNation and sent to me by one of my little birds, comes the first look image of the alleged $90 Zeo Megazord. Are you ready?

Image Credit: Angel Grove Collectables

And it looks as cheap as cheap can be.

I’m not here to start a flame war. I’m not here to crap all over Hasbro. But this looks like a $30 toy. This looks like a 90s toy. This does not look like a toy designed by a company that has been creating transforming robots in disguise for the last 35 years. This looks like…cheap. It looks cheap. And honestly, I wonder if Power Rangers toys (specially Megazords) by Hasbro will continue to look cheap because they don’t want them to out-perform Transformers. The quality of those red wings on the Zeo Megazord and the hollow look of the gold shoulder shields basically says it all.

Again, if we hear word that this is a $30-something dollar toy, sure. I’m game. But if this is that $90 Zeo Megazord listed on that UPC list. Then get the hell out of here.

What are your thoughts on this fresh reveal? What did you think of the MMPR Megazord shown off at Toy Fair? Tell Toy Wizards about it in the comments and get the conversation going!

Correction on the Megazord shown at NYTF – each of the sets is $14.99, but there’s only three sets to get – Mastodon & Pterodactyl are in one set and Triceratops & Sabertooth Tiger in another. That prices the MMPR Megazord at $45.

Thank you to Toy Wizards reader John Green for the corrected pricing information!


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  1. Hasbro didn’t have the franchise until mid-2018, not mid-2017.

    $14.99 rounds off to $15, and 15 × 3 = 45.

    I must be terrible at judging images, cause I didn’t think the Zeo Megazord looked “cheap”. I thought it was much prettier than the Mighty Morphin Megazord reveal from Toy Fair!

    • Thank you, date updated. You don’t think they will sell 5 zords that will transform into the MMPR Megazord? What 3 zords would be sold, has it been announced already? I figured they’d just sell each of the five zords.

      • It looks like a remold of the original 1996 toy. Doesn’t look “cheap” to me. It just needs more stickers or paint.

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