TOY FAIR 2020: Wrapping Up at the Hasbro Showroom with Ghostbusters and G.I. Joe


By Jonathan Alexandratos

Transformers.  Power Rangers.  Star Wars.  Marvel Legends.  Hasbro’s top lines were on full display at their showroom in the New York Times Building during Toy Fair.  However, there were also smaller exhibits that featured toys just as exciting as the more robust waves in the catalogue.

Different from the Ghostbusters we reported on earlier today, these action figures are new cartoon versions of the original quartet.  The mini ghosts and demons that accompany each character have their own action feature, demo’d for us on Facebook Live by a representative.

You can currently pre-order these figures on Walmart’s website.  Collect ’em all and build a Terror Dog!  It seems Hasbro is good at “Marvel Legends-ing” its properties, creating a collectors-grade line with high articulation, detail, and, in many cases, a BAF.

Of all the upcoming Ghostbusters products, I’m most excited about the Proton Pack.  This gun is modular, so you can stick the parts on in a variety of configurations.  Furthermore, it and the other ghost-busting equipment (there’s a separate ghost trap, for instance) hook on to a Proton Pack backpack.  You are expected to buy virtually all of the accessories separately, which allows you to pick-and-choose, but may also run up a higher tab than a single pack that comes with all units.

We’ve reported on these G.I. Joe figures before, but I was able to get some additional details by talking to a Hasbro rep.  The boxes, for example, all feature new artwork created by G.I. Joe artists.  The art is present on the front, back, and right side, so the character in the box can be identified from three angles.  I asked if any of these would feature art by G.I. Joe creator Larry Hama, and was told, sadly, that they would not.  While the talent of the artists they used is unquestionable, G.I. Joe without Hama just feels…incomplete.  While the Snake Eyes does look cool, the others seem as though they could just as easily have been kitbashed from Marvel Legends parts and Jazwares Fortnite toys.  I want to be over-the-moon for these; I really, really do.  But, having seen them live, I now know what they look like and how they handle.  If knowing is half the battle, I’m hoping the other half saves me from complete disappointment (or at least gives me some decent fire safety tips).

This is not to end on a dour note, though.  The Hasbro showroom packed in so much awesomeness, and I felt lucky to get to play with it first-hand.  In fact, I’d argue it’s good that not 100% of it was my scene.  That means Hasbro isn’t making toys for Jonathan Alexandratos (though, if you wanna, Haz, call me?); they’re making toys for everyone, with diverse tastes and interests, and that’s as it should be.

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