TOY FAIR 2020: Hasbro’s Power Rangers Reveals Are A Go Go!


By Jonathan Alexandratos

Remember when Billy and Kimberly switched brains?  Or when the Power Rangers got baked into a pizza?  Or when the team met the Ninja Turtles?  God I love Power Rangers.  None of that stuff factors into the toys (well, I guess I should just say: pizza dough not included, but – do what you want), but it does establish the show as having tons of kid appeal, and boatloads of adult camp appeal (though don’t tell me that scene where Zedd and Rita transform into their human selves and dance is anything less than beautiful).

We did an article on these 12-inch Power Rangers helmet-flipper dolls, but it was great to see them up-close.  They do feel like the next logical step in 12-inch Power Rangers toys now that the standard dolls and the Playskool Mega Mighties are out.

Hasbro is doing a Mighty Morphin Megazord due out later this year.  Each of the Zords are sold separately (I know…) for $14.99 and combine to form the Megazord once you collect them all.  Honestly, I had hoped the price point would distinguish it from the Bandai releases, but 75 bucks for the whole thing, I don’t know that it offers enough.  While I will always embrace a new Daizyujin toy, I’ll need to look more closely at the play features of these Zords once the toys come out.

I am looking forward to this new wave of Lightning figures, though.  Giving Billy his glasses was a wonderful touch, and the choice of the separated and combined Power Lance is nice.

I asked about whether their head sculpt technology had improved since the first wave of these figures.  Hasbro representative Jenn Cruz mentioned that they do use photoreal technology, but was unsure about any changes to the process made since Wave 1.  To me, the Trini head still looks the best.

In that wave is the much-anticipated Ranger Slayer, which is a day one purchase as far as I’m concerned.  Hopefully we’ll continue to see more from the Power Rangers comics show up in plastic.

The Zeo Gold Ranger, now no longer part of the two-pack with the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger, has an amount of detail that tops most of its previous iterations.

If you read our previous article about the Dragon Dagger, that, too, was on display, and I did get to see a demo of that.  The toy comes with its stand, and the play feature looks like a lot of fun.  You can actually play the notes of the Dragonzord-raising tune from the show in order to hear the roar of the mighty Zord itself.  It’s a welcome move to distinguish this toy from Bandai’s Legacy Dragon Dagger.

Hasbro’s 2020 Toy Fair Power Rangers toys are a nice mix of fun and collectability.  I look forward to seeing these emerge throughout the year!


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