TOY FAIR 2020: May the Force Be With Us as We Buy All the Baby Yoda Merch


Bay-bee Yoda do do-d-doo-d-do Bay-bee Yoda do do-d-doo-d-do Bay-bee Yoda d Okay.  Right.  Starting an article for adult readers by attempting to adapt “Baby Shark” to fit the words “Baby Yoda” isn’t right.  In fact, it’s downright irresponsible journalism.  But that’s where my brain is.  Not gonna lie.  I mean…

This was front-and-center at the Hasbro showroom’s Star Wars section.  Baby Yoda, known by the totally ignorant (or, as some call them, “the creators of the source material and authorities on the subject”) as “The Child,” comes in many sizes and play features.

For example, the $59.99 version comes with electronic functions that allow it to coo and open and close its eyes.  It can raise its hand to mimic using the Force (or, maybe, actually using the Force?  WE DON’T KNOW WHY THAT LEAF ON THE TREE OUT THE WINDOW LOOKS LIKE IT’S MOVING).  The specific doll I saw demo’d was a prototype, but I was told by the Hasbro representative working the booth that the ears would probably be a little more rubbery than the rest of the toy, making them flexible to the touch.  The eggshell carriage will not be a Hasbro product, and was created solely for demonstration purposes.

Smaller figurines come in six different poses.  Basically, anything you’ve seen in a meme is realized in plastic, here.  You can’t move ’em, but they are cute. You can preorder these “Baby Bounties” sets from Hasbro for $15.99 right here (soup and blanket set), or right here (pitiful face and silver ball set), or even right here (eating frog and adorably reaching set!)

This tiny Baby Yoda does come with the carriage, and is packaged with The Mandalorian on a skiff that shoots a missile.

This is what that skiff toy looks like zoomed out to see its packaging (above).  This is part of a separate, new line of Star Wars toys whose projectiles can interchange with launchers on different vehicles.  The figures are a little smaller (closer to 3.75-inch, if not there exactly), but sculpted in such a way that makes me think this series is more for kids and less for collectors who like the realism of the Black Series or the Vintage Collection.

Speaking OF the Vintage Collection, this is a shot of The Mandalorian Imperial Troop Transport.  It was great that we finally got to see this on the show, having been one of the great just-off-screen toys of the original Star Wars waves.  If you’re a fan of the detail in the Rogue One tank, this will be comparable.  There will also be plenty of Vintage Collection The Mandalorian Stormtrooper figures to fill it with. It costs $69.99 and is available March 2020.

The Vintage Collection Slave I is MASSIVE, but very cool!  The Hasbro rep who showed it to me really liked the mold of the Han in Carbonite that comes with it, and I have to agree.  It’s a great piece all-around. It costs $149.99 and ships May 2020.

These Black Series figures are designed to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back.  They feature cardbacks that are homages to the original Kenner 3.75-inch figures, as well as new figures and likenesses never before seen in the 6-inch scale.  For those who might be looking at the Lando: the face sculpt and deco appears to be updated from the previous release, updating the figure with Hasbro’s new photoreal face sculpting technology. You can get the entire wave for $99.99 from Entertainment Earth and they will ship August 2020.

These figures will also be included as part of that 40th Anniversary tribute, another wave that you can preorder today for $99.99 and will ship May 2020.

The figures look great, but, tucked away behind them was a really cool vintage-style game…

The Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Game will, like the previous Death Star Escape Game, be an ode to the original ’80s Star Wars board games, but featuring an action figure you can only get by buying this set.

You can’t really celebrate The Empire Strikes Back without the Imperial Probe Droid (well, I mean, you can, but what will Chewy get mad at?).  Here, we can expect all the articulation we’re used to from the Star Wars Black Series, with moving droid limbs you can pose while the probe is on its stand.

As for the Black Series main line, Hasbro is expanding to include more video game characters in the line-up.  Lots to be excited about in addition to those characters, though, including a Knight of Ren and a Sith Jet Trooper.

Hasbro’s Star Wars Toy Fair 2020 offerings were a nice balance of kids stuff, adult collector figures, and the Internet’s current tiny, Force-sensitive, broth-drinking, Mandalorian-protecting, alien obsession.


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