TOY FAIR 2020: YuMe Captures the Wallets of Y(o)u and Me with Harry Potter, Space Jam, Batman, and More!


By Jonathan Alexandratos

YuMe got its start designing kids meal toys for international fast food chains, so its no surprise they’re good at making collectible, fun toys that do the most with the least amount of space.  Case in point: their new Harry Potter blind boxes.

Each blind box, which is shaped like a crest, contains a figurine, accessories, and a couple of water-sensitive strips that, when wet, reveal spells attributed to the character you received.  The figurines themselves have a unique, chibi-esque look that adds something new to the ever-popular Harry Potter toy universe.  The pictures shown are from Wave 1, which is due out in July, but Wave 2 was on-site, and will follow shortly after the first.  (Photography of Wave 2 was not permitted, but yes, expect a Luna.)

In other news for audiences young and old, Tom and Jerry will have a new movie out this year, and, in anticipation of that, YuMe is putting out an array of plushes showcasing the titular cat and mouse in a couple of styles.

Space Jam is also getting a new movie this year, so that means new products for them as well.  YuMe has crafted a line of collectable plushes that, similar to FunkoPOP!, contain an assortment of properties.  This year, they’re including Space Jam to appeal to fans of the original, and new audiences getting introduced to the story through the forthcoming film.

YuMe’s plush game extends far and wide, even covering Rich Uncle Pennybags, the Monopoly mascot.  These are boxed similarly to the Space Jam plushes, creating a unified line of mixed licenses.

YuMe’s Gilly Go told me that their Pennywise electronic plush was a Game Stop bestseller, so naturally they had to expand the line with a new character: Regan.  While Pennywise’s head rotates 90-degress, Regan’s goes the full 360.  Don’t worry; she doesn’t puke.

While YuMe showcased many exciting new products, their Batman car-and-figurine blind box sets were my favorites.  Reminiscent of the company’s kids meal past, the cars separate in half, revealing a Batman figurine that can then ride in the Batmobile when reassembled.  The red one brought me right back to the Mac Tonight Happy Meal toy, who, let’s face it, should be the next Batman.

YuMe is a company that has clearly grown from its roots.  It knows what it does well, and builds on that.  Their 2020 Toy Fair selection highlighted some excellent examples of that.

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