Marvel Legends Series X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Collection


Marvel Legends X-Men Age of Apocalypse wave has no Apocalypse in it. we get the build a figure of Sugar Man. Yeah, the one figure we all wanted: Sugar Man.

Well Toy Wizard Aaron Sparrow wanted him so I guess there was demand after all.

Each figure has a release date of 4/27/2020 and a retail of $19.99

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Jean Grey 

Jean Grey can read and project thoughts and stun opponents with pure psionic force.


Scorching ionized plasma allows Sunfire to fly, protect himself, and blast his enemies.

Dark Beast

Dr. Henry McCoy constantly experiments on himself to enhance his superhuman powers.


A natural mimic, Kevin Sydney transforms himself into any shape at will.

X-Man aka Nate Grey aka not Cable?

Nate Grey travels between dimensions armed with astonishing psychic powers.

Wild Child

Enhanced regeneration and superhuman senses make Wild Child an excellent tracker.


Armed with adamantium claws and superhuman healing abilities, Weapon X joins the battle against Apocalypse.

Collect them all for the Build a figure

Sugar Man

From Earth-295 where Apocalypse rules the world


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