Hasbro Reveals Real Ghostbusters Kenner Classics Line


Who are you going to call? Walmart!

Walmart exclusive this spring we get the new Ghostbusters Kenner Classics line. Walmart has had a lot of success with the Transformers Classics line and even some TMNT turtles so far. Next up is Ghostbusters for the reissue treatment. I am hard pressed to find changes so far in these cards to the vintage versions of the first 1986 all purple back cards. Hasbro changed the color of the ghosts from solids to clear and we can not see the back of the cards yet.

I am fine with that the Kenner logo is still there and these toys have long been gone even from toys shows in the last decade or so now. I am more than happy to pick up a set. We don’t have a date other than Spring this year, and it’s Walmart, so luck of the draw really. The Real Ghostbusters Animated series went from 1986-1991 and still holds up really well.

Let’s bust some ghosts!

Here is a example of the vintage to new cards and ghost change. 


The Real Ghostbusters and Featured Ghosts


(Ages 4 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $14.99 / Available: Spring 2020)

It’s a (proton) blast from the past with THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS Kenner Classics Figure assortment from Hasbro, inspired by the classic figures from Kenner. With original Kenner deco and card backs influenced by the iconic look from the 80s cartoon series, these retro figures are a must have for any Ghostbusters fan. Each Ghostbuster comes with accessories inspired by the series: a ghost, proton pack, and proton blaster with stream.

Assortment includes Peter, Ray, Winston, Egon, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Slimer (Each sold separately)! Available exclusively at Walmart.


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