Transformers: War for Cybertron Figures Earthrise First Looks


Toy Fair 2020 is upcoming and the hits are already out. I am a big fan of the Transformers War for Cybertron line. The new wave Earthrise are hitting shelves as we speak and the second wave is being seen now. Let’s go over some of that now as I can’t wait a moment longer.

Earthrise Commander Sky Lynx

Sky Lynx is a fan favorite and not had many versions of the years. To do this figure right you would have to keep the G1 feel but modern with transformations and different modes. Ok they did all that in spades. It has five modes not the old four. The look is great slick and functional.  The new base mode makes me want to break out all the cities and bases to make a mock Cybertron. He still has space chicken mode, Lynx mode, Shuttle mode, and Space Dinosaur. I am sure those are the modes real names not just something I made up.

Available July 2020

Earthrise Arcee

Always a fan favorite and this new version gives us a overboard for her not just because they didn’t know what to do with the extra parts.

Available August 2020

Earthrise Titan Scorponok

I love the Titans, give me a big giant robot any day please. Scorponok does not disappoint. The multiple modes and headmasters are crazy cool. You event have a spot for the pilots in Scorpion mode. The City mode again delights me to no end. The classic and modern looks on this are beyond what we thought and that the Titan class is still going strong with the line. It is a absolute buy

Available August 2020


Earthrise Decepticon Weaponizer Fasttrack

This is a little new and has some sinister hints behind it. This can be transformed into a weapon for Trypticon. Or if we get a repaint Black Zarak? You can see the tip of the spear on the back of the car form.

Available October 2020

Available for pre orders February 22 on Hasbro Pulse


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