ZICA Toys Reveals New Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion Card Art and Packaging


The classic figure line Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion is back from Zica Toys. Recreated in 1/18 scale, each figure stands 4 inches tall, features advanced articulation, and includes several interchangeable accessories. While we reported last year that these figures were in the Kickstarter phase (yes, they’ve been successfully crowdfunded!) and showed all of the awesome accessories with which they come!

But now, Zica Toys has dropped a little present to the internet– completed packaging and card art images for the Sectaurs line! Each of these figures costs $23.99, will arrive first quarter of 2020 (SOON!) and can be preordered today. Characters in the wave include Dargon, General Spidrax, Royal Guard, Skull Soldier, Mantor, and Zak.

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