Mattel Shows Off New Dragon Empress Barbie From Mythical Muse Line


Or as I like to call her, Dragon Babe Barbie.

Readers and viewers of Toy Wizards might know (though my feelings aren’t hurt if you don’t) that I am a lover and collector of female warrior babe action figures. I seriously love fantasy inspired female characters that tap into the whole Nordic or Scandinavian aesthetic. If a sword, wand, or magical something is included, even better!

While clearly aimed at the adult collector, I feel like Mattel could have some really great luck by tapping into fantasy inspired dolls and action figures. I mean, come on, He-Man and She-Ra, anyone? At this point, Mattel can lean into former competition’s sensibilities and bring us amazing tough looking characters like the ‘Golden Girl’ line. Obviously not recreate them. That’s copyright hell, and I’m not so naive that I don’t know that. I’m just saying maybe it’s time for an homage. There are also a mermaid and a unicorn in this collection, but they don’t have a quarter of the thunder that this Dragon Queen has.

Now if only they’d given her a sword or crystal ball or something! ME-YOWZA!

I’m curious, if not a little excited, to see what other dolls Mattel will add to the Mythical Muse line. You can order Dragon Empress Barbie for $74.99 today; she is IN STOCK NOW!

Product Description

Behold the Dragon Empress doll from the Barbie Mythical Muse Series. The Dragon Empress is a bold, statuesque beauty with a dramatic wingspan wearing a bodice in metallic mint-green and pink ombre. A dragon-inspired cuff coils her arm, completing the look. Poised to take flight to a distant land, the Dragon Empress Barbie makes the perfect addition for collectors and fantasy lovers.

Product Features

  • 11 inches (28cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Detailed bodice and skirt
  • From the Mythical Muse series
  • Designed by Caroline DeMersseman

Box Contents

  • Dragon Empress figure
  • Wings
  • Headpiece
  • Bracelet
  • Skirt
  • Bodice
  • Shoes
  • Stand


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    • Oh, that would have been SO BADASS! I’m really amazed that while the mermaid and unicorn in this series are pretty, this Dragon Empress just blows them out of the water. A griffin would have leaned in just as amazingly!

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