Bandai Reveals Oozaru Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z (and its largest S.H. Figurarts to date)


Presenting Oozaru Vegeta, the biggest S.H. Figuarts ever produced by Bandai. This monster will be 31 cm tall (12.2 inches) with full action articulation.

Vegeta comes with 3 interchangeable hands, 1 interchangeable pair of hands with a scaled-size Son Goku trapped, 2 different tails, 1 interchangeable face (with the damaged eye from Goku energy beam), a Yajirobei mini size figure that will allow you to reproduce the tail-cut scene and display base.
Features die-cast parts on his chest and a movable jaw so you will be able to display him with his mouth open or closed

TamashiWeb exclusive item. $280

Release date: Jul-Aug 2020


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