Super Sentai Mashin Sentai Kiramager!


After The official Toei press conference, we now have our first look at the DX Megazord for the 44th Super Sentai series, Mashin Sentai Kiramager! 

This is a interesting concept of Mashins– these are sentient gems and take the form of vehicles to help out the Kiramagers in battle that can also form together as Kiramaizin.

Here is the run down:

KirameRed  Fire Engine Mashin Fire

KirameBlue Jet Plane Mashin Jetter

KirameGreen Race Car Mashin Mach

KirameYellow Shovel Mashin Shovellow

KiramePinks Helicopter Mashin Hellicop

Together, the Mashins form the might robot, Kiramaizin! Mashin Fire becomes the legs, Shoyellow forms the left arm, Mach forms the head, Hellicop forms the torso and Jetter becomes a sword.

DX Kirameijin Set.

Manufacture: Bandai Japan

Release date: March 07

Retail Price: 7,920円 Yen


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