Fresh Monkey Fiction is Launching Crowdfunding Campaign to Continue Its Vintage Retroverse Comic Line

Fresh Monkey Fiction’s Amazing Heroes Wave 4 assortment continues to add more figures to it’s 4.5” retro-inspired action figure line, with the following classic Golden Age Comic Book Heroes:  Golden Age Blue Beetle, Magno, The Magnetic Man, the mysterious Fantom of the Fair and the villainous Rubberman.
“We’ve previously used Kickstarter to fund our Amazing Heroes line but we are going to try something new this time.  We are not going the Kickstarter route, but instead are doing our own version of a crowd funding campaign. This new approach will allow us to take pre-orders and be more flexible with our rewards. If we can achieve our funding goal we’ll be able to produce more great Golden Age heroes and as well as some new parts and accessories.”
Many of the figures in this assortment are limited to ONLY 100 pcs  and exclusive to this pre-order campaign and will NOT be offered again outside of these pre-orders. Each 4.5” figure comes in collector friendly interchangeable packaging with both a Golden Age art card back as well as a Modern art card back by the talented Chris Malgrain.
The pre-order window is currently open, but in order to manufacture this new Amazing Heroes assortment Fresh Monkey Fiction will need to meet it’s funding goal by January 31st, 2020.
You can support Amazing Heroes Wave 4 and add these new heroes to your collection by going to
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The Amazing Heroes Retroverse line is inspired by vintage action figures from the 1980’s such as Secret Wars and Super Powers. Each figure stands 4.5” tall and has 5 classic points of articulation. The Amazing Heroes Retroverse collection currently includes over 25 figures and features classic Golden Age comic book characters such as Black Terror, Golden Age Daredevil, Green Turtle and Stardust, along with more modern characters like Captain Action, Nexus and multiple versions of Mike Allred’s Madman.
About Fresh Monkey Fiction

Fresh Monkey Fiction LLC is dedicated to telling stories through art and design. We’re building a business model around leveraging the power of crowdfunding to bring great products to the collector. Our motto is “If you support it, we will make it”. Our goal is to create amazing collectibles that encourage fans to explore the depths of their imagination and tell great stories. If we can bring a little bit of playful imagination to someone’s day, we’ve done our job.  Discover your story at

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