Toy Wizards: DieCast Norbz’s Transformers Toys Top 5 Tier of the Year 2019


So, with the end of the year happening now, I feel that there are sssooo many figures that have come into our hands that totally have gone beyond our expectations. For me, I have always been into Giant Robot culture and that more than includes my favorite mechanized aliens, Transformers! From 1984 till now they keep me jazzed at how mathematically complex each and every one is, being a puzzle into themselves; each is a work of pure art.

Today I am giving you my thoughts on the best five in my Transformers Terrific Top 5 Tier of the year and most of these are coming from the Siege line! Hope you enjoy!

5) Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime came to us with ion cannon blazing and and looking like the true leader of the Autobots he is! Being able to change modes to, what I can ONLY guess is a Mad Max inspired Cybertronian truck, my first thoughts picking him up was two fold. It was both. “Now, THAT’S what I’m talking about!!” And “DAMN”!! I just could not put this guy down! He’s as sturdy as can be and holds on to the visage of our mighty leader! Just a beautiful piece of work!


4) Apeface

He is pretty damn amazing! Apeface really makes me want to yell BEAST MODE every time ! Transform him into ape mode! He really holds onto his Generation 1 aesthetic and gives us a brilliant rendition of this Decepticon Horrorcon. Once you get all the tabs in place, I’m really amazed at how well his whole ape body holds together!

Paint is another issue, but what this placement here in my ratings system is more built on how well he holds together, transformation process, imagination, engineering, and Apeface has it all! There is a point to say that he falls short on and that’s the heel department as he’s easy to fall backwards because of his lack of a heel, but it didn’t take away from my overall enjoyment of this figure!


3) Spinister

AAAawwwwwwwww YEAH!! WHAT a SURPRISE Spinister was!! Spinister came at almost the tail end of the Siege line and I was wwwwaaayyy too thoroughly impressed with him. His design was so boss! Minimal kibble, minimal areas where you can expose any of the hollow points, I mean this guy was REALLY …WELL thought out! I am still just enjoying EVERYTHING about him and I’ll still strongly urge anyone looking for a deluxe figure in this line to look into Siege Spinister! Easily my favorite Deluxe next to Hound!


2) Ultra Magnus

I really love this guy! Ultra Magnus has a place in my soul as what the successor and new Leader of the Autobots should have actually been. I really thought that Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus would have been where I would have left things, but seeing Ultra Magnus in the stores just brought all the feeling I had for this stoic leader back to me!

He’s hefty, blocky and I LIKE it! Hasbro and Takara were able to work in something we haven’t seen in a long long time, and I’m talking since the 80’s long! They were able to bring back the brilliance of an Ultra Magnus as a robot that had a powerful armor and make it workable as the trailer! Simple to transform and sturdy in all modes! I really love this guy!

My ONLY gripe is that Has/Tak didn’t work in decent ankles on him. The forever pivot is kindofa downer for me as you can’t do anything with Ultra’s feet that doesn’t include a permanent “A” stance, but otherwise Ultra Magnus is very worth the price spent on him!


1) Jetfire

Jetfire is VERY much my number 1 Siege bot and I will tell you, he BLOWS everything else out of the water! My first feeling of Jetfire was of him emerging out of a boulder to fight the Decepticons in the air, on their turf! Siege Jetfire brought all of those feelings back, this time sporting more of his anime aesthetic but with far far more than I would have hoped for the price. Just such a giant beast of a bot, I think Jetfire sums up what we love about this franchise!

The fun, the playability and just the perfect amount of engineering to get him from robot mode to jet mode! All solid, Hasbro and Takara didn’t miss a beat, including creating a reversible faction symbol on his chest so we can all relive Jetfire leaving the Decepticons and joining the ranks of the Autobots any time! He’s such an enjoyable figure and I have no regret having him in my collection!


Honorable Mentions goes to two figures:

Siege Springer because I really dig what Hasbro did with him and the more I play around with this guy, the more I love what choices were made to make Springer a solid figure. Only reason he didn’t take Apeface’s place was because that backpack doesn’t clip in as sturdily as I’d like it to have.

And something that’s not even from the Transformers lineup! Power Rangers GameStop Exclusive Lightening Collection GOLDAR!! Yeah, I said Goldar. I didn’t stutter! Ha ha! I’ll tell you, I haven’t enjoyed a figure that didn’t transform as much as I love Goldar! He’s a really well made, painted and articulated figure and he just brings so much personality in toy form! He is amazing and I really think everyone should have one! If you’re going to invest in a frontman of evil, this is your guy!

I hope you all have a BLAST of a new year! I’m really enjoying spending time putting my thoughts here for you guys and that you’re enjoying what I’m bringing here, and I have to thank each and every one of you that has taken time to read my articles, and every other article here on Toy Wizards in 2019. It means a lot! I am surely looking forward to all that were getting in 2020, and you can be sure that I’ll be here taking a deep look into all the magic.


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