Bluefin Brands Reveals Figurarts Mini Sailor Moon Packaging


Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we’ve been waiting for. Or at least, the moment that we Sailor Moon fans have been waiting for– it’s the packaging reveal for the new, upcoming Sailor Moon Figurarts Mini toys.

Oooh, sleek and classy

The Figurarts Mini line seems to be replacing the Tamshii Buddies line of yesteryear. While those Tamashii Buddies really were adorable, I find the design of the Figurarts Mini toys just so much prettier. You can see the side by side below using Sailor Venus as an example.

Up above is the Tamashii Buddies Sailor Venus, and below her is the new Figurarts Mini Sailor Venus. Huge difference there, and while at the time I was so happy to see these toys in American retail stores like Toys R Us and Barnes and Noble, it’s nice to see Bandai self-evolving and giving a refresh to characters from one of the best anime series of all time.

While there is no official listing for Figuarts Mini toys yet with Bluefin, HobbyLink Japan is listing them for about $18 each. Which means they will be more expensive than the previously mentioned Tamashii Buddies, which hovered around the $12 range and can still be found on Amazon for that price. But beware, my toy collecting friends– these old Tamashii Buddies are highly bootlegged, and therefore I wouldn’t personally buy them anywhere other than somewhere like Barnes and Noble at all. Even a hobby shop might be dangerous– I’ve seen bootleg Sailor Venus Figurarts at “Japanese Lifestyle Stores” at the mall.


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