Shanghai’s SGC 2019 Reveals New Toys and Figures From All Over China


This last weekend in Shanghai thousands of pop culture fans attended SGC 2019 and got the chance to peruse many displays from third party toy makers. Here’s some of the best and brightest of what was shown! A big shout out to Oscar Fung, and @DaimChocReports for their photos and coverage of the event!

NewAge Toys

Our favorite little company that makes the best little robots had an impressive display. While their showing last year at SGC blew us away with over 11 new reveals of products that either have shipped throughout 2019 or are soon to be in collector’s hands, this year NewAge gave us a look at three new unique molds and a dozen upcoming variations in paint and tooling.

Up first is the return to mini car bots with H19 Hogan and H20 William Bonney. These two may be small but they pack a mean one-two punch of rough and tumble attitude.

We also got some nice solicitation photos of upcoming F15 recolors. We should expect at least twelve variations of the seeker mold as it will take as many of the included display base to create a completely enclosed space bridge display. Here are H13T Red Ghost Lucifer with coronation armor and additional crowned head sculpt, and H14S Amy (yes, Amy, a quick Google search informed me of the terror inducing demon’s ancient mythos). With these two, that puts us at 8 NewAge jet bots in the pipeline.

NewAge surprised a lot of us with this quirky, left field addition. Utilizing the H19 Hogan molding and slightly retooling it for this special addition four pack H19N Pizzeria. This radical fab foursome come with ninja weaponry and individualized color schemes and pizza detailing on their vehicle modes. Cowabunga!

Check out the gallery of images below including H22 Chimera, a familiar robot trio that combines to form a camera and one of many popular characters that Michael Bay ruined.

Magic Square Toys

Another one of the main players in the legends scaled third party toy makers had a big presence at SGC. Magic Square wowed us with their first efforts at a full fledged combiner. The five member stunt car team was first revealed nearly two years ago and since has undergone a series of tests and revisions it seems. Now we have our fist look at the combined mode. In fact, two versions of the combined mode! One animation accurate and additional parts added to create a more toy accurate look.

On top of this menacing reveal, Magic Square had colored samples of their MS-B26 F15 robot mold, their own camera bots, legends scaled cassettes, and their transforming tape deck master!

Check out the gallery of images from MST’s display below!

Iron Factory

Iron Factory is one of the forefathers of the smaller scale with products dating back to 2014. Their unique comic book styling has always set them apart from other companies who usually choose a slavish animation accurate approach. IF has always taken classic designs to the next level and put their own spin on familiar faces. Take these two beast era examples IF EX-42 Primal Commander and IF EX-45 Yoroi Shishimaru.

SGC 2019 Iron Factory display gallery below!

Transform Element

More beasts and everyone’s favorite Formula One race car!



From the looks of it an INCREDIBLY engineered triple changing bad fembot from that Volkswagon Beetle movie. Also, lots and lots of world war era repaints coming to supplement costs for new projects!

SGC 2019 is in the books. This has really become the premiere stage for third party manufacturers to show their products for the next fiscal year. What are you excited for? What do you hope to see more of?? Let us know in the comments section below or on our social media platforms!

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