Bluefin Brands Offers Last Chance to Buy Storm Collectibles NYCC Exclusive Smoke Figure



This is your last chance to get your hands on the New York Comic-Con 2019 Exclusive Smoke figure from Storm Collectibles. This version of Smoke made its first appearance in Mortal Kombat 3 way back in 1995. The cyborg ninja was programmed to destroy his enemies with the greatest of ease. His tele-porting uppercut and harpoon throw would make quick work of any opponent.

The figure comes packed with multiple weapon accessories, including his bomb-dropping rig. Now you can recreate Smoke’s signature fatality, which involved forcing a large bomb down his victim’s throat before they exploded. Eek!

Smoke costs $75 and is in stock today.

What’s Included:

  • 4x Pairs of Interchangeable Hands 
  • 2x Smoke Effects 
  • 4x Bombs 
  • 1x Spear 
  • 1x Bomb Dropping Rig


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