Walmart Teases Mandalorian Fans With Baby Yoda Vinyl Head Plush, Breaks Internet, Then Removes Toy


Was it a leak? A mistake? A brilliant PR move? We can’t say– all we toy collectors and The Mandalorian enthusiasts know is that for a brief moment, there was a toy of “The Child” aka “Baby Yoda” shown to us for a moment on Walmart’s website before it was promptly pulled and with it, our hearts and extra dollars that we were ready to throw at it.

Although it was a little infuriating that it wasn’t due to ship until May, 2020. What about the holidays, everyone? WHAT ABOUT THE HOLIDAYS!? 

There he was, casually placed among other “Star Wars Plush” figures, not even listed under The Mandalorian except for in the product description. By the time I sat down to write this piece and give Walmart my money, the little goober was gone.

The toy, as shown above, is apparently still in prototype mode, but is described as an 11″ (big!) plush with a vinyl head. I would guess that his cute little hands are vinyl, too. The image shows him posed with his little floating baby crib, but that might be for decorative imagery. I wasn’t able to click on the link before the product was removed from the Walmart site.

The second piece of this puzzle for toy fans is that this piece is actually made by Mattel. It seems that Disney and Hasbro are so buddy-buddy that this surprises collectors to see Mattel’s name and logo on the product art. However, there’s no doubt that once this little cutie officially drops again (we will update with a link, there’s no point to tease with a link that takes you to a removed product), there’s no doubt that he will singlehandedly make Mattel rich again.

In the meantime, fans of “The Child” aka “Baby Yoda” can scratch the itch by buying one of the hundreds of super junky looking shirts with the critter that Disney slapped together and printed (that seriously all look like they’re out of 1998 Husky Hanes fit), or keep getting tricked by Etsy crafts (no, those aren’t real toys, stop sharing those articles).


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