Take Our Money Super7: 10 ReAction Figures We’d Like to See

I don’t think I ever truly appreciated 3.75 inch action figures enough before I laid eyes on Super 7 and their ReAction line. From heavy metal icons to sports legends to nostalgic childhood favorites that get us right in the feels everytime, Super 7 offers a little something for everyone, sporting their own unique and stylized designs with no doubt that the best is yet to come.
But, what sort of toy collecter would I be if I didn’t find myself sitting back and daydreaming of what could be, fantasizing deep within my collecter’s brain, coming up with a wishlist all my own of what I would like to see from our friends at Super 7. So today, for Toy Wizards, I’m counting down my own personal top 10 wishlist of 3.75 inch figures.

The list is ready and so is my wallet should any or all of these come to pass.

10) Mortal Kombat

Round 1! FIGHT!

Growing up in the 90’s, I became aware of Street Fighter first and Mortal Kombat second, but I love both fighting franchises, with the slight edge going to Mortal Kombat. I played Mortal Kombat II for SNES so much that, even though it’s been more than a decade since I picked up a controller, give me five minutes and the muscle memory and combos would be back in full effect.

Super7 already has a ReAction line for Street Fighter (Chun Li and M. Bison in particular are on my radar), but a Mortal Kombat line would be the Friendship to end all friendships, if I could get my hands on a 3.75 inch Baraka, Scorpion, Shao Kahn or my man, Sub-Zero, and a Goro would also be simultaneously hilarious and amazing.

9) GoBots

Super7 announcing on their social media a Transformers ReAction line coming next week definitely caught my attention, and it also got me to thinking about their sometimes maligned and overlooked counterparts, the GoBots.

While not nearly as popular, I was still a fan of the GoBots in the 80’s, as I’m sure many others were as well. Sure, these wouldn’t be able to transform, but if you’re anything like me you tend to display your robots in well…robot mode.

A ReAction line of Cy-Kill, Crasher, Leader-1 and Scooter would be proudly displayed on my shelf without question.

8) BraveStarr

You could call him a space cowboy, you could even call him the gangster of…you know what, nevermind, I never liked that song anyway.

Marshall BraveStarr was literally a space cowboy though, and with his trusty sidekick Thirty/Thirty along with their arch nemesis Tex Hex, they could make for a fun throwback to a classic cartoon of the 80’s.

7) The Centurions

My best friend in the first grade introduced me to The Centurions, a team of men dressed in colorful exo-frame suits fighting against the evil Doc Terror and his army of cyborgs.

The Centurions may be a niche idea, but Super7 isn’t afraid of going down the niche path as seen with their Breakin’ line of figures. I already have the Doc Terror toy from the original toy line, but I would gladly purchase a smaller scale version along with Max Ray, Jake Rockwell and especially Ace McCloud that I missed out on as a kid.

6) Animaniacs

By the mid-90’s I was still watching cartoons, because why stop doing the things you love? Animaniacs was life to teenage me.

Yakko, Wakko and Dot; who I always thought was really cool, just don’t call her Dottie or you die, in full 3.75 inch regalia would be snapped up faster than snacks in front of Wakko. Needless to say, you wouldn’t have to twist my arm very much to agree to include Hello Nurse, Freakazoid, the Goodfeathers or Pinky and the Brain as figures of their own as well.

5) Heathcliff

When it comes to cartoon cats, you’d be correct to think I’d include Garfield somewhere on this list, and while I love Garfield, dude has enough revenue in merchandise to supply him with a lifetime worth of lasagna.

Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats were a regular part of my cartoon viewing as a kid and I would be blissfully humming Heathcliff’s theme song while clicking on Super7’s checkout page and adding these figures to my shelves.

4) Samurai Pizza Cats

Who do you call, when you want some pepperoni?!

Speaking of cats, anyone who knows me knows without question I’m a cat lover and have been a giant Samurai Pizza Cats dork ever since the mid-90’s catching the show whenever possible on Fox Kids.

There are some gorgeous toy and statue representations out there of Little Tokyo’s band of heroes, but they’re a little out of my price range. However, a line of reasonably priced toys for Speedy, Polly, Guido, Big Cheese and Bad Bird would have me ringing up Super7’s cash registers faster than Francine ringing up lunch orders.

3) MST3K

I won’t pretend to know what it would take to get the license to get a guy not too different from you or me and his robot friends from the Satellite of Love onto toy shelves.

But, the thought of a 3.75 inch Brain Guy and Bobo made me smile. Add in Gypsy, Crow and Servo, Joel, Mike, Jonah and the Mads to the mix and it sounds like a hell of an invention exchange. What do you think, sirs?

Push the button, Frank and grab my credit card while you’re at it.

2) Calvin and Hobbes

The biggest longshot on this list, as creator Bill Watterson is super protective of his intellectual property and to this day refuses to  license out Calvin and Hobbes, and rightly so. Fans of the strip are all too familiar with the unfortunate image of Calvin slipped onto the rear window of a pickup here and there defacing a rival automotive companies logo, all the while defacing the spirit of the strip that us fans love and hold dear.

But, if Watterson were to ever give Super7 the greenlight, with the knowledge that they would give his creations the respect they deserve, then I’ve got two words for you. Stupendous Man!

A Stupendous Man figure would be sublime as would Spaceman Spiff, along with the school bully Moe, Susie Derkins, and of course Calvin along with his best buddy, the homicidal psycho jungle cat himself, Hobbes. I’d love to see stylized figures similar to what Super7 unveiled with their Peanuts line this past summer at SDCC, and a Calvin and Hobbes ReAction line would be just as much fun as a game of Calvinball.

1) Futurama

Good news, everyone!

That’d be the obvious headline and immediate thought in my mind at least, if a Futurama ReAction line were unleashed into the wild.

Much like with Garfield vs Heathcliff, while I still love the Simpsons (well up until season 8 at least, beyond that it gets iffy), Futurama doesn’t get nearly the love it deserves. And, what wouldn’t there be to love?! Much like Fry loves anchovies on his pizza, this would be a total win, except better because anchovies dude. Hard pass.

Give me Bender, give me Zoidberg, give me the Professor, and the rest of the Planet Express gang. Kif and Zapp Brannigan. Calculon and Robot Santa too, I’ll take them all.

I’m ready Super7 and I’ll sum up this entire wishlist with six simple words…


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  1. Pagz – To the world at large he is a strange, mysterious figure of glistening bronze skin and golden eyes. To his amazing co-adventurers he is a man of superhuman strength and protean genius, whose life is dedicated to the destruction of evil-doers. Wait a minute... No, that's Doc Savage.
    Pagz says:

    The top of my wishlist for the Reaction line is a complete revamp of the line and the hiring of new sculptors. I truly wanted to love the reaction line, but save for a few individual figures, the line has been deeply mediocre, and often times downright laughable. Most of the sculpts have really wonky proportions and end up looking like Dollar Store reject figures, which would be fine at dollar store prices, but not what Super7 is charging.

    • Unless I’m wrong. The wonky proportions are part of the charm of these figures. They are not going for highly detailed modern figures but vintage toys.

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