Kidrobot x Sanrio Present Hello Kitty 20″ Art Piece (That’s a little Uncanny Valley)


I am so not into this sculpture, but I think it’s worth looking at.

I personally like Kidrobot and I understand that in addition to everyday blind boxes and licensed vinyl toys, they really appeal to the designer toy art crowd. Which is great, not everything is for me and some things are subjective, especially art ad toy collecting.

But I’m so not into this. I feel like the same things are wrong with it that were wrong with Sonic in that first trailer that everyone crapped on. Only instead of human teeth, we have Hello Kitty with Pennywise the Clown human hands.

I get it– she’s a mopey teenager. But having a vinyl toy of that moment in adolescent development would make me sad. There’s an uncanny valley aspect to this that I think is uncomfortable and unsettling.

Good, say the art purists. It’s working on you. Well sure. Art made me feel a feel. Well done.

But can you sell it to me now? Not today, god of collectibles.

Not today.

From Kidrobot’s official description:

Kidrobot and Sanrio bring fans the ultimate Hello Kitty vinyl sculpture with the new 20” Hello Kitty Art Figure by Candie Bolton.

The 20” Hello Kitty Art Figure by artist Candie Bolton represents the emotional and uncertain time of transition into adulthood. You’re experiencing many things, good and bad, and you’re not quite sure about your place in this world. What kind of person are you? What kind of person will you grow up to be? And more importantly, what kind of person do you want to be?

With this design, Candie expresses the idea that you don’t need to let go of childhood to be an adult. It expresses the revelation that memories don’t have to be forgotten in order to grow.

Hello Kitty has a perpetual childlike innocence to her, but what happens when Hello Kitty grows up? Candie’s imagines Hello Kitty going through these same iconic adolescent events and, despite her uncertainty, never letting go of the magic that makes her Hello Kitty.

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