LEGO Announces Nostalgic Giant Wooden Minifigure Coming in Early November


Before they came up with their infamous “System”, LEGO tried their hands at all kinds of other toys — made out of wood. And this month, in honor of their humble beginnings, LEGO Originals will be releasing their huge 5:1  “Wooden Minifigure”.

Check out “The Toys That Made Us” Season 2, Episode 3 on Netflix for a complete and super-fun history of LEGO, their toys and the evolution of The System. (Fun Fact! Toy Wizards’ own Scott Zillner will be featured on Season 3 of this awesome series! Stay tuned.)

The FSC-certified oak wood-crafted figure has the yellow plastic hands we’re used to and is intended to be fully-customizable. It stands 7 inches tall and comes with a package of 29 LEGO elements and instruction booklet with schematics for a variety of accessories.

Become a LEGO VIP to redeem your accumulated VIP points to get drafts of the original wooden toys from LEGO’s first lines. 

The LEGO Classics 853967 Wooden Minifigure will cost $119.00 will be available to LEGO VIPs on November 3 and released to the general public on November 8.

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