Kotobukiya Adds New Spooky Girls to Bishoujo Statue Horror Line


In an announcement on its social media, Japanese toy maker Kotobukiya showed off its newest additions to the Bishoujo line. The Bishoujo statues are a line of pop culture characters reimagined as cute and sexy girls. So far, my favorite of the line are the My Little Pony characters, because something about the ponies to teenage girls makes sense in my head. That’s what pop culture has done to me– I no longer question these things.

During New York Comic Con, Kotobukiya unveiled an unpainted image of its new Beetlejuice Bishoujo statue, and the silhouette of a Pennywise the Clown. But in a surprise move, not only has Kotobukiya showed off the full art for Bishoujo Pennywise, but they have added a new Leatherface to the mix as well!

Pennywise and Leatherface join the Bishoujo Horror Ranks alongside other signature staples such as Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Pinhead, all of which are available for sale today. (Prices vary depending on statue).

Holey rusted bondage, Pinhead.

You know, because her outfit. It’s covered in holes.

::jumps out window::

I think the Freddy figure is super cute, and this is a Freddy Vs. Jason inspired piece, so in my head canon brain, this is the result of Lori gaining powers from Freddy’s glove and telling him where it goes. And hey, if you think this is going too far, just know that if you’re the person buying these adorable Bishoujo statues, you’re down for a little bit of fan fiction.


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