Shanghai Police Seize One Million Fake Toys and Figures in Chinese Factory Raid


Correction: We mistakenly called the Chinese newspaper The Star when it is in fact called ‘The Paper’. We apologize if this caused any confusion. 

Source: Kotaku

Shanghai police have seized one million fake toys after raiding a factory in the city of Dongguan. According to Kotaku and Chinese site The Paper, included among the fakes were a mass of Bandai licenses including PokémonDragon BallOne Piece and Gundam items.

While this news is just making its rounds now, the massive raid took place this past August and netted over 1,200 toy-making tools and equipment. According to Kotaku,  China News reports that “in total the goods are worth over $42 million dollars. Over twenty suspects were arrested.”

According to the news report, Bandai Japan was so grateful for the raid and seizing of bootleg toys that they sent the Shanghai police a gift in the form of a large, gold plated Unicorn Gundam.

Credit: The Paper via Twitter

Toy Wizards readers will recall that this is not the first Chinese bootleg warehouse and factory to be raided this year.

Back in April 2019, Shanghai police raided a fake LEGO factory, containing tons of bootleg Lepin brick sets and equaling $30,000,000 in seized product. Dozens were arrested, but this new Bandai bootleg raid definitely has those former numbers beat.


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