New Sailor Moon ‘Sailor Stars’ Toys and Collectibles To Be Revealed at Tamashii Nations Event in Japan



From October 25th (Friday) to 27th (Sunday), 2019, the exhibition event of the collection figure “TAMASHII NATION 2019” will be held by BANDAI SPIRITS Collectors Division at Belle Salle Akihabara 1F / Akihabara UDX 2F AKIBA_SQUARE!
Along with the toys, new information about the new Sailor Moon series was unveiled for the first time. We have learned that the upcoming movie Sailor Moon Eternal Part One finally announced the release date. Part one of the ‘Nah, we’re done making Sailor Moon Crystal and have been since before it aired in like 2014′ movie will debut…somewhere (streaming, theaters, VHS, who the hell knows) in September 2020. 

 Items to be revealed/manufactured:

  • Figuarts mini Super Sailor Moon -Eternal edition-
  • Figuarts mini Super Sailor Chibi Moon -Eternal edition-
  • PROPLICA Crisis Moon Compact -Eternal edition-
  • PROPLICA Moon Kaleidoscope -Eternal edition-
  • Event Reference Exhibit PROPLICA Chibi Moon Compact -Eternal edition-
  • SHFiguarts Eternal Sailor Moon ・ Figuarts mini Sailor Star Fighter ・ Figuarts mini Sailor Star Maker ・ Figuarts mini Sailor Star Healer

For me personally, that S.H. Figurarts Eternal Sailor Moon will be my undoing. I am also waiting for S.H. Figurarts of the Sailor Starlights, who are my favorite Sailor Moon characters of all time. For some reason, the marketing departments at Bandai, VIZ, and everywhere else just go ‘Nope, these three incredible characters don’t need merchandise or representation. They’re like the Megazords of Sailor Moon– who collects those?!’

This face right here.

News of these new Sailor Moon toys was brought to my attention from Toy Wizard friend and incredible Sailor Moon toy collector Sailor Tortilla’s Facebook page. She had a few insightful words to say about the new toy reveal:

I have so many thoughts about today’s toy announcements. Not only are we getting a Eternal Movie Edition of the Kaleido Moon Scope, but also another Proplica version of ChibiMoon’s second brooch?

This Proplica is nearly identical to the one announced months back but with minor differences like a pink star. I think Bandai is pretty much charging us another $100 for a fancy stand that’ll match up with the Cosmic brooch Proplica. It wouldn’t be the first time they charged us all over again for a minor difference.

Anyway, Sh Figuarts aren’t dead, as we’re getting an Eternal Sailor Moon. We are also seeing new Bandai Minis of the a Sailor Starlights, as well as movie version Moon and ChibiMoon.

How do you feel about these new Sailor Moon toys?


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