Geekify Launches Kickstarter For Official ‘The Last Unicorn’ Plushes and Pins


Viva la classic 80s movies indeed– and now, the good people over at Geekify know exactly which heartbreaking 80s movie to go after for new merchandise. No, not Don Bluth, get your head out of the tears. It’s The Last Unicorn! You can see the complete Kickstarter campaign as well as pledge to have some of these goodies sent to you, because really, these designs are spectacular.

The group has 29 days to go on their current Kickstarter, and are aiming to get $25,000 in funding. Support this crowd funding effort now and get more (officially licensed) toys from your childhood created!

From the Geekify official Kickstarter:

Nearly 37 years ago, the timeless book The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle was turned into an animated movie. With music by America, voices by Jeff Bridges, Mia Farrow, Christopher Lee, Angela Lansbury, Alan Arkin, and Tammy Grimes, and the immense talent of the animators and creatives who would later form Studio Ghibli, The Last Unicorn was an incredible film that gripped the minds and hearts of all who grew up with it. Though the movie was released decades ago, the music and iconic scenes and lines still echo through our minds. Sadly, there was only a small handful of merchandise ever made for The Last Unicorn, much of it incredibly rare and hard to find nowadays.

Viva La Classic 80s Movies!

That’s where we come in! At Geekify, our mission is to capture the feelings and essence of those experiences that shape us and that we hold dear, and to create pieces of the fictional worlds we fall in love with. We’ve acquired the licensing rights to create merchandise for The Last Unicorn as a personal passion of ours, and one which we want to share with the world. We’ve spent months drawing up plans, creating new artwork, building and designing samples and prototypes, and dreaming up the things we wanted to create.


We’ve been hard at work creating a set of plushes for characters from The Last Unicorn! We’re launching with the three iconic characters of the Unicorn, the Butterfly, and the Red Bull making their debut on Kickstarter, with a host of other designs to be unlocked as stretch goals.

They’re each still undergoing a few revisions to get them looking just right, but they measure approximately 10″, soft and squishable. Choose from:

  • The Red Bull
  • The Unicorn
  • The Butterfly

Reaching stretch goals will unlock Schmendrick, Molly, the Cat, and the Harpy!

We’ve also got an all-new set of hard enamel Last Unicorn pins coming out – vibrant hard enamel pin portraits to affix to your lanyards, your bags, your clothing. Metal-backed butterfly clasps with full coloring, these are made to draw the eye.

Pin Concept Examples

The cast has been expanded to have new artwork of all of the characters below:

  • The Unicorn
  • The Red Bull
  • Molly
  • Amalthea
  • Schmendrick
  • Haggard
  • Mommy Fortuna
  • Rukh
  • Manticore
  • Satyr
  • The Butterfly
  • Prince Lir
  • The Harpy
  • Captain Cully
  • Jack Jingly
  • The Tree
  • Mabruk
  • The Cat
  • The Skeleton
  • The Last Unicorn logo
  • The Hunter
  • Narwhals Lost At Sea
  • Magic Do As You Will (glitter)


While we were working on the Last Unicorn Tarot Deck, we also developed a set of keychains, and are now gearing up to move into full-scale production. We decided a Kickstarter was the best way to get people in the know to gather pre-orders for a production run, and to interact with the fans while we do it!  With a host of characters to choose from, the biggest difficulty will be in choosing which one to get!

Examples of keychains!


Each characters is approximately 1.5″ tall, and will include the Unicorn, the Red Bull, the Cat, Mommy Fortuna, the Harpy, Molly, Schmendrick, the Butterfly, Prince Lir, King Haggard, and potentially a few others as well!

Ten characters to choose from!

Choose from:

  • The Red Bull
  • King Haggard
  • Molly
  • Schmendrick
  • The Butterfly
  • The Unicorn
  • The Cat
  • Mommy Fortuna
  • The Harpy
  • Prince Lir

…and there might be a few others that make the cut!

Am I truly the last?

Future campaign updates will feature behind-the-scenes of how keychains are made, as well as covering the design process and looks at the models in progress!

The more money we can raise, the more options we can make for plushes! Each plush takes significant design and development getting them to look just right and takes significant resources to do a production run of each. This time around, our stretch goals include new designs to choose from in the survey phase of the campaign.

$40,000 –  Schmendrick Plush Unlocked

$60,000 – Molly Plush Unlocked

$75,000 – The Cat Plush Unlocked

$90,000 – The Harpy Plush Unlocked

$100,000 – TBD, but we’ll make it epic!

Concept art for the Cat

Adding new plush designs takes considerable time, and they’re undergoing constant revisions to get them to match our vision and designs. With your help, we’ll have the extra resources to tackle new designs and add bonus features.

Oct 22, 2019 – Campaign Starts

Nov 22, 2019 – Campaign Closes

Dec 7, 2019 – Funds Collected / Released by Kickstarter

Dec 8, 2019 – Production begins

Dec 18, 2019 – Pledge Manager phase / additional pre-orders open

February 202020 – Pins Completed

February 2020 – Plush production complete and shipment to warehouse

March 2020 – Plush tiers mailed out

April 2020 – Completion of Kickstarter campaign


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