Nozilla is the Nostalgic King of Monsters the World’s Been Waiting For


My Plastic Heart has opened pre-orders for their six inch vinyl Nozilla figure and he is quite a bit of awesome nostalgia in more ways than one. Illustrator Noger Chen wanted to create a Godzilla based on his own childhood and designer toy lovers everywhere are going to be reaping the benefits of this realization of that vision. 

The monster design is based on a combination of Taiwanese and Hong Kong poster art, dark grey with awesome silver spines. He wears a 90s-style gym uniform — athletic shorts and a ringer tee — an orange ballcap and totally rad basketball shoes. In this particular getup, his scowl may be read as “vicious monster” or “angsty teen”. Both make sense.
Perhaps the most awesome part of this toy are the incredible accessories. Nozilla comes complete with a handheld gaming system, a “Dragon Ball” manga and his favorite VHS cassette tape. The blister card packaging features gorgeous poster-style artwork of Nozilla brandishing his favorite things while shooting a wave of his atomic heat breath on the helpless city below.
The Nozilla Childhood Kaiju Figure available for pre-order now for just $57.99 and will ship in December 2019. Visit My Plastic Heart to order your king of teen monsters today.

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