Kidrobot Announces Designer Con 2019 Exclusives and Upcoming 3-Day DCON Exclusives Pre-Sale


Kidrobot is heading to Anaheim, California for Designer Con 2019 this November 22nd-24th with four limited edition DCON Exclusive Dunnys from artists Stephanie Buscema, Candie Bolton and Junko Mizuno and a Sanrio Hello Kitty Art Figure by Candie Bolton.

Kidrobot x DCON 2019 Exclusives Pre-Sale – October 16th-18th

This week, Kidrobot is giving you the opportunity to avoid the lines and snag a guaranteed DCON 2019 exclusive during a 3-Day Pre-Sale. All four DCON Exclusive figures will be available for pre-sale from October 16th – 18th. Limited quantities of each exclusive figure will release at 10am MT on each day. All exclusive figures will also be available for purchase on the show floor at the Kidrobot Booth 2210 at Designer Con 2019, while supplies last. Pre-sale orders are guaranteed, but all orders with DCON Pre-Sale items on them will ship after DCON.

Get all the info on about the pre-sale and prepare to snag these four exclusives at



La Flamme 8″ Dunny by Junko Mizuno
DCON Exclusive Ice Edition
Limited Edition of 250
$100 each

Having grown up in Tokyo, Junko Mizuno is a self-taught artist recognized for her unique visual iconography of powerful and often sexy women.

Although her art refuses to be categorized, much of it is based on Japanese pop culture from ‘70s and ‘80s with the sources of her inspiration stemming from fetish art, folk art, religious art, psychedelic art, pin-up art, advertising art, vintage toys, fashion, comic, food, nature, movies, TV shows, video games… almost everything that surrounds her. Currently residing in San Francisco, she is constantly working on new comics, paintings, illustrations, and product designs ranging from toy figures to T-shirts. Her work has been featured in stores, museums, and fine art galleries around the world.

Motivated by the pure pleasure of creating art, she celebrates the power of women and creates a universe of them, full of energy, both positive and negative.

This La Flamme 8″ Dunny – DCON Exclusive Ice Edition is a special, limited edition run of Junko’s 2019 Dunny.


Santa Muerte 8″ Dunny by Stephanie Buscema
DCON Exclusive Prosperity (Green) Edition
Limited Edition of 70

$100 each

Warning off bad omens and protecting against negative magic, the 8″ Sante Muerte Dunny stands at the gate that welcomes those to the world beyond our own. Honoring the cultural deliverance of followers to the afterlife, Sante Muerte’s sunken Dunny skeleton bears nothing but one color with stars. Draped in green symbolizing prosperity, this 8” Dunny by artist, Stephanie Bucsema brings prosperity to any Dunny devotee.


Spiritus Dea Bastet 3″ Dunny by Candie Bolton
DCON Exclusive Edition
Limited Edition of 200
$20 each

The Bastet Dunny designed by artist Candie Bolton was designed as part of the Spiritus Dea Dunny Series.  Bastet is a revered Egyptian goddess with the cat-like face.  Daughter of the sun god Ra, Bastet once had the face of a lion and served as a protector of pharaohs, but over time her face softened into that of a domestic house cat. She is a gentle yet powerful force that watches over humanity and accompanies cats wherever they go.

This DCON Exclusive Edition of the Bastet Dunny is limited to 200 pieces worldwide.


Hello Kitty 9″ Art Figure by Candie Bolton
DCON Exclusive Blush Edition

Limited Edition of 250
$75 each

Introducing the Kidrobot x Sanrio Hello Kitty Art Figure by Candie Bolton. Hello Kitty by Candie Bolton represents the emotional and uncertain time of transition into adulthood. You’re experiencing many things, good and bad, and you’re not quite sure about your place in this world. What kind of person are you? What kind of person will you grow up to be? And more importantly, what kind of person do you want to be?

With this design, Candie expresses the idea that you don’t need to let go of childhood to be an adult. It expresses the revelation that memories don’t have to be forgotten in order to grow.

Hello Kitty has a perpetual childlike innocence to her, but what happens when Hello Kitty grows up? Candie’s imagines Hello Kitty going through these same iconic adolescent events and, despite her uncertainty, never letting go of the magic that makes her Hello Kitty.

Capturing the angst of youth in this art figure, Candie brings something truly special with this design to the Hello Kitty universe.  This Blush edition is exclusive to DCON 2019.


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