Nintendo Offers New Mario Household Items To Keep Your Nerd Game Strong


Available to order now from HobbyLink Japan are two new Mario related household goods that will keep the nerd-house game strong.


Yoshi wants to help out in the kitchen! He’s become a fun potholder made of thickly padded fabric, to assist with trays that need to come out of the oven and pots off the stove; you can also use him as a hand puppet if you like.  There’s also an egg-shaped trivet pad, so you can put that hot saucepan or cookie sheet down on the counter safely without damaging its surface. I’m glad Nintendo clarified that these are good to use for a party, because they will be the talk of all your guests once they see Yoshi’s hungry mouth clinging tenaciously to your Dutch Oven lid. This fun kitchen item costs $24.99, ships November 2019, and can be preordered today.

And next up– if you’re going to serve part guests from a pot using your Yoshi oven mitt, you might as well be drinking your party beverage from the coolest Mario tumbler around!

It’s the battle scene from the Bowser castle levels of the original Super Mario Bros. game! This reusable tumbler comes with its own straw and lid, all of which can be washed and used again and again; best of all, the tumbler features a scene of Super Mario battling Bowser, and Mario is also perched on the straw! It costs about $17, will ship November 2019, and can be preordered today.


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