Ultimate Ohmu Figure By Studio Ghibli x Takeya Takeya


The Ultimate King “Ohmu” by Studio Ghibli x Takeya Takeya


As seen in the classic anime movie Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind this Ultimate King or Ohmu figurine is designed by Takayuki Takeya. This has a realistic outer shell that gives a inside a unique mobility joint. This lets you slide each section of shell and you can reproduce your move with a twist of the whole body.
The really nice part is the 14 eyes reproduced in transparent parts have a slide gimmick as well that changes them from ” Blue Color ” to ” Crimson ” attack color. But you have to do that 14 times, once for each eye.
The opening of the head of the head and the legs of the 100 legs are also movable.
Ohmu has been designed by by hand to replicate the movie colors. The final product will have over 300 parts. This is the most detailed and movie accurate Ohmu we will possibly ever get.
Free-standing figurine

Retail 32,000 Yen

Release date April 2020

Size Approximately 230mm in total length

Material ABS, ATB-PVC, etc.

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