Transformers Updates Earthrise Unicron NYCC and Seacons


We have so many Transformers updates this week we are just going to do them all right here at once.


Unicron extended deadline is days away and still about 1000 pieces under at last look. This number is changing all the time and looks promising. I am very much on board for this masterpiece of Transformers history. If you where waiting for the last minute to be part of history this is that last minute.

They did a couple of updates in the last couple of days. One was the hands where redone with added articulation. also added is a base with a Autobot shuttle. On top of all that we also got word of a EXCLUSIVE digital comic bundle ComiXology

NYCC Hot Shot and Cromar

NYCC will see two first to market Transformers Generation Selects at the Entertainment Earth booth then later online. We got a very nice Deluxe Class Hot Shot. Hot shot is a fan favorite and the Hound mold works great for this. A Powerdashers Cromar. Powerdashers where a set of three mail away only Transformers back in the G1 days so it is nice to see them make a come back.

Old version of Powerdashers Cromar


The Last set of Seacons has been announced and with that Hasbro Pulse also changed the rules. They where to be offered by multiple online retailers like BBTS. However with the last two of six Seacons BBTS pulled pre orders of the other four offered. It looks like the foreseeable future all of the Seacons are Hasbro Pulse exclusives. Here are the last two from the Japanese promotional images.

Here is the other sets of releases

Lobcraw and Kraken

Gulf and Turtler

Transformers Earthrise

Transformers Earthrise first looks. Here we have the next season of Transformer Siege gives way to Earthrise and Earth version of your favorite Transformers. We get a very nice Optimus Prime with orange Yellow eyes that is freaking everyone out right now. A new and very improved Grapple. Not to mention a Micromaster redux in the form of  Ironworks with two more minicons the Hotrod patrol. Earthrise is off to a very good start we can expect a lot more as NYCC hits.

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