Toy Wizards Review: Bandai’s Toy Story 4 Woody Model Kit


The Toy Story 4 Woody model kit by Bandai was by far the easiest model kit I’d ever put together. I completed it in record time (for me) with a completion time of one hour and twenty minutes. Back when I’d done the Buzz Lightyear model kit from the exact same Toy Story 4 kit line, I’d mentioned craving that kit to be on the easier side so it would be approachable for children trying to get into kit building. Woody solves those problems and is 100% a kit I would give to a child in the 8+ range who likes tactile problem solving and still wants to play with toys.

One thing I’d forgotten to mention in the video review is that Woody is less articulated than Buzz and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I, like many other people who complete model kits, choose one pose and that piece never moves again. I personally don’t know anyone who enjoys highly articulated kits (though I’m sure you’re out there). Hell, sometimes people choose a pose and then glue the kit together, in spite of the fact that the kit may be a snap-together and not an OG paint and glue.

I love the variation of colors with Woody, and was very impressed by the gold plastic used on his sheriff’s star, holster, belt buckle, and spurs (see, I found the word!) The slipping, insane eye problems I had with Buzz Lightyear are basically solved with the Woody kit; they are a much tighter fit. I maintain that Buzz’s eyes don’t look like his at all (they’re a little wide and unhinged, much like the Aliens from the claw machine), but Woody’s have just that little bit of uncanny valley non-focus, which makes him look like, hi, a doll. There are also three faces/expressions to choose from and I want to say 3-4 hand positions.

The only ‘puzzle’ I encountered in this model kit was when I put together the shirt. The sleeves came together in three pieces which was just a little unexpected, but once I understood what I was looking at, I had no problem snapping them into their little triforce of magic.

I give the Toy Story 4 Woody model kit by Bandai a rare 5/5 Wizard’s Stars. This was a really fun model kit. Attractive, detailed, fun, and looks fantastic standing next to his buddy!


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