First Look At Hot Topic Exclusive Six-Inch My Hero Academia Mount Lady Pop


My Hero Academia has some of the most original character concepts and designs in popular anime. So it only makes sense for Funko to create a one-of-a-kind tribute for fans to really get behind. Cue the upcoming Hot Topic exclusive Mount Lady.

For those new to My Hero, think of Mount Lady as the anime 50 Foot Woman. She can make herself grow to tower over her foes and shrink back down to normal human size in a matter of seconds, all while rocking a hot physique and super-cute (mega-tight) costume. Basically, she’s the perfect model for an adorable Funko Pop figure, and it appears that Funko agrees.

Twitter user @HTNerdette posted a first look at the Plus Ultra sized six-inch figure that absolutely lives up to her name. In the image, the larger than life Mount Lady is striking a kawaii pose and rocking her sexy signature hero costume. With her striking blue horns and mask, she looks to be everything fans could ask for.

No word on price or exact official release date yet, but this figure will be a Hot Topic exclusive and should hit shelves in November. We can expect more details on how to snag her in the coming weeks.


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