Toy Qube Makes Astro Boy Fans’ Dreams Come True


Astro Boy fans, rejoice! You asked and Toy Qube answered.

After the release of their 10-inch, matte black Thai Greeting Astro Boy figure in May of this year the company received a flood of requests for a full-color version. Thanks to these fan requests, Toy Qube announced yesterday on Instagram that pre-orders are now open for the full color version of Astro Boy. You can order yours here!

The 10-inch figure has a smooth matte finish and the coveted full-color nostalgic paint  job we all dreamed of. This figure would be a stunning addition to every OG otaku’s collection and at $115.00 plus shipping, the price will make you say, “Let’s Rocket!”

The original black greeting figure is still available, also for $115.00 and the full-color 2.0 version is expected to ship this month. Head over to ToyQube to get this classic fan fave today!


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